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  • Illinois seeks to limit use of solitary confinement

    Sunday Apr 24 | via The Times 

    Brian Nelson, left, who spent 23 years in solitary confinement, speaks about his time in solitary confinement on June 24, 2015, during a press conference regarding the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of prisoners against the Illinois Department of Corrections for its overuse and misuse of solitary confinement in Illinois prisons in Chicago. Center is Mark Neiweem, who spent 5 months in solitary confinement, and Latonia Walker who has a brother in solitary confinement.


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Tamms Law

What would be the penalty that he's looking at for these DUIs?
A friend of mine was arrested for a DUI 2/14/2015 with a BAC of .24. Currently the case is still open, he should be sentenced at his next appearance. However, he was picked up on 4/9/2016 for an AGG DUI, no valid license and leaving the scene, among other charges. This is his second DUI arrest in Illinois, but he also has one DUI in Michigan which was about 10 years ago.
Your friend needs to consult an IL attorney right away. This is serious. In Colorado, for example, if someone is...
I have 3 DUI's in my background I also have not had a DUI in over 20 years how can I get in the BAIID program?
I have not had a DUI in over 20 years butt I had a hearing and I was still denied my driving privileges what do I have to do to get in the BAIID program, I also have 3 DUI's in my background.
You will have to have a hearing with the Secretary of State. If you have two or more convictions you will be on a five...
Will I be drug test during Cook county court supervision for DUI?
I received supervision for a DUI. I am about to attend my third supervision appointment with social services. The judge did not order random drops. The only conditions were that i check in monthly with social services and complete community services/alcohol classes. Is it possible I am asked to take a urine test at some point during one of my social service appointments? I only have one more after this before I can report over the phone.
There is no way to predict for certain that you will not be required to drop. Stay clean and you will not have to...
Why would the DUI case be reopened?
DUI case reopened after a guilty plea was entered. Disposition to withhold judgement/supervision. Sentenced to fines, supervision, and alcohol treatment. DUI arrest date was in 08/2012 and the case was heard 2015 with sentencing in 01/2016. This was in Madison County Illinois. Why would the case be reopened?
Could be new evidence or someone not being truthful under oath. Best to get an attorney now to figure it out.
Will i be drug tested for DUI supervision?
I received 12 months of supervision for a DUI. As a part of the supervision, I have to meet with social services once a month to make sure I am doing my required counseling hours and community service hours. The judge did not order random drops or anything.
It really shouldn't matter if you will be tested or not. You are on probation. You should not use any drugs or alcohol....
Can I get an extension if my case is closed? Will my fine Go to collections ? Will I keep my licesnses?
I received a DUI I went through classes and court they Gave me from October of 2015 till may of 2016 to pay 2000. I have almost 1000 paid. I have shut downs at my job and they go for sometimes the whole month I also have two kids and just got finished filing bankruptcy.
I feel for you, and perhaps the judge will too. You may get an extension, because your circumstances are...
Does the Illinois Secretary of State hold the ground to keep my license suspended even after the charges were dropped?
I was convicted of possession of a fake ID in a city in Wisconsin where the charge is just a civil infraction. I however live in Illinois and a few weeks later after the court date, I received a letter from the Illinois Secretary of State saying that my drivers license was suspended. I immediately hired a Wisconsin State attorney and re-opened the case in Wisconsin and in the end got the charges dropped. It has now been 3 weeks since they were dropped and I'm basically just paying a waiting game seeing if the Illinois Secretary of State will re-instate my license. Since the original charges were dropped I believe they have no evidence or reason to keep it suspended. But after reading this (https://www.illinois.gov/ilcc/All%20documents%20site%20wide/Education/Under%2021/Materials/MinorFakeIdEnglish.pdf) PDF, it states that a license (for this charge) can be suspended "without conviction". Since this is one of few laws in Illinois "without conviction" is used in, I am really unsure if Secretary of State will give my driver license back.
I would suspect that the Secretary of State suspended you under a law that gives them authority to take action based...