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  • Briefly... CITY/REGION

    Friday Nov 13 | via Philly.com 

    Miller, a theology teacher at Little Flower High School for Girls, on Lycoming Street near 10th in Hunting Park, was arrested about 3 a.m. on Nov. 7. She was charged with DUI after allegedly backing a pickup truck into a Meineke auto-repair shop in Turnersville, Gloucester County, and failing a field sobriety test, police said. Miller was placed on administrative leave Wednesday, after her arrest was publicized throughout the region.


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  • 2nd man charged in firefighting tools theft

    Wednesday Nov 11 | via Times News 

    Tamaqua police have filed charges against an accomplice who served as a lookout for the teen who was caught stealing firefighting equipment at last week's arson. John Hindermeyer, 37, of 225 Pine St., Tamaqua, was charged with conspiracy to commit theft and corruption of a minor in connection with the theft, which took place last Wednesday morning.


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  • Rash of window breaking, mischief...

    Tuesday Nov 3 | via Times News 

    The front window at Witting Accounting, 244 E. Broad St., Tamaqua, has been smashed for the second time in less than two months. Tamaqua Police are investigating the possibility of someone driving around, shooting out windows with a BB/pellet gun, as several businesses have reported window damage.


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Tamaqua Law

Can we fight a charge of 75 Pa.C.S.A. 1543(b) due to DUI related offense that has been served?
Was stopped on 09/29/11 due to expired registration plates. My license had been suspended in 2008 due to DUI offense, and had completed outpatient treatment, paid the correct fines and was currently waiting to have our D.O.T to advise where to have Interlock ignition placed. During the traffic stop, car was parked at shopping center parking lot, was moved onto main highway where officer was waiting for vehicle to be moved and stopped .5 miles up the street. I was mailed summons of 75 pa 1543(b), 75 pa 1786(f) and 75 pa 1301 (a); and was advised by court to set payment plan in motion. however, contacted today to be advised that 1543(b) carries mandatory jail time and fines, and to plea 'not guilty' and hire public defender by the magistrate's office.
You are looking at a mandatory 60-90 days jail sentence if convicted. The law states that once suspended for DUI, then...
I've been charged with a dui and a 1543b does that mean I have to do jail time no matter what?
My liscence was suspended for a dui 17 years ago, I've had a few driving under suspensions since then. And I have 2 dui pending. One has not been scheduled for court yet and I just got the other a couple weeks ago.
I am not licensed in Pennsylvania, so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney from PA who answers your question...
Will I have charges on my record still?
I was arrested for Dui minor dui gen imp. duo controlled substance dui comb alcohol \drugs. purchase of minor and a wrong lane violation. this is my first offence all of them I was accepted into ard. and have a court date coming I was wondering on paperwork charges going to court were Dui. minor. dui general imp. and the purchase and traffic lane will I still have these on my record in my county I believe it charges you with summary offences but I'm not sure how it works
If you successfully complete ARD the charges for which are entered in ARD are eligible to be expunged. Some counties...
My son got dui .09 and iwas on parole,waived his prelim,then 2 weeks later tested posssitive for meth.parole put him in jail for
put him in jail almost 6 months now,and no other hearing ortrial is scheduled.does he qualify for rule 600?
It is not clear to me why your parole status is relevant to your son's case. Be that as it may, pose your questions...
Being charged with a third dui during probation of the second,what is the consequences?
I am currently still on probation from my second dui from 3 yrs back,I have 2yrs left of probation,now currently going thru the process of the wait,I am highly concerned of jail time, plz give some advise.
You should find local counsel asap. A third offense DUI in PA carries a mandatory jail sentence. Your probation could...
Im 20 years old and was recently in a car accident charged with 3802 D2*(lead) Dui: controlled substance- impaired ability-1st
This is my first dui offense ever and the report says i had 82ng/ml of Xanax in my blood and its not prescribe. my other charges were driving while suspended- 3rd charge and disregard traffic lane. is there a way to get this duo completely off my record and maybe get a temporary license to go to school and back? i will go to any classes and pay any fines i already have a summary retail theft on my record so it might be tricky to get into a healthcare career. i can't wait till 2018 to get my license and go back to school how will i get back and forth to a good paying job to pay all these fines. overall i need to know how to get the DUI completely gone and can i get a temporary license so i can continue to go to school and clinical. if i can't get health career (X-ray) I won't do anything.
There are a lot of moving parts relating to your situation, your best bet is to retain a criminal defense attorney who...
My boyfriend go put on the script program for a dui he violated his probation his urine test came up positive for perks.
his p.o put him in jail he is waiting on his first gag 1 she told him to be very honest with him and that he was what r his chances of being put back on house arrest
This is a matter that you should discuss with your boyfriend's attorney. Fully informed of all of the relevant factors...