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    Jul 25, 2015 | via Tallmadge Express 

    Gun, ring stolen from home: A Newton Street man told police sometime between July 6 and 8, someone removed a $600 Sig Sauer handgun and a $300 gold ring from his home. Car hauler removed from driveway: An Eastwood Avenue man told police July 8 that sometime between 1:15 and 4 p.m., someone removed his $4,200 car hauler, which was parked in his driveway unsecured at the rear of his residence.


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Transferring colleges. DUI on my record.
Hello. I'm trying to transfer to another university, and one of the application questions is "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense or have charges pending against you at this time? (Other than minor traffic violations)." Now, I was convicted of an OVUAC. It was a poor choice as a stupid young kid. It's the only thing on my record, and I'm not sure weather to answer yes or no because I don't know if it's a criminal conviction or a traffic conviction. I don't want to be denied. Also, this is incredibly stressful because I can never expunge or seal it being in the state of Ohio.
It is a criminal conviction and you do need to candidly reveal it. Sorry to tell you this, as I appreciate you did not...
What are the laws that make a DUI checkpoint valid?
How many officers, signs, or warning notifications must be present?
It's a complicated law that requires a seven elements. It's complicated and if you think you can fight this on your...
How do you beat a DUI checkpoint case if you blew over the limit.
What are the arguments a lawyer would use?
First, I would research whether notice of the checkpoint was properly given in the local newspaper or on the Internet....
When do points on license clear? OVUAC?
Hello. One year ago today, I was charged with a DUI that was reduced to an OVUAC. I received four points on my license. Along with 2 speeding tickets before, I have 8 points. When will these clear? Also, I know I can never get the OVUAC charge expunged, but how much time has to pass before I keep paying the price for it?
Points will come off of your license after 2 years. The charges will stay on your record forever. No telling how...
Will make suppression case be dismissed overall for a DUI charge?
I was pulled over supposedly for not stopping at a blinking red light. The cop asked me the typical questions. Long story short I did the field sobriety tests, and was arrested. I got a lawyer, and the cops dash cam. the cop said I did these things. stepped off the line, raised arms for balance, had slurred speech, and based on my low test scores might have been because I was cold and nervous, and I asked me to do a portable breath test to sum it all up at the end, and i was arrested. We are having, the breath test suppressed because I was cold and nervous might have been why my tests were low, the traffic stop, stepping of the line, and raised arms for balance, slurred speech all asked to be suppressed. whats my chance to have it dismissed? all of this was shown on the cops dash cam
These questions are best post to your attorney. The only answer any of us can give you is maybe.
If a DUI checkpoint is not properly advertised does the case get dismissed?
There were no signs or public notification.
I don't practice in Ohio, but I have lived in states where DUI checkpoints are used. I have never heard of a...
Will my suppression case be dismissed overall for a DUI charge based on this information?
I was pulled over for not stopping at a blinking red light. did the field sobriety tests, and was arrested. The cop arrested me based on, slurred speech, red glossy eyes, smell of alcohol, stepping off the line, raising arms for balance, putting my foot down after 30 sec, and the portable breath test he only had me do based on my tests, and that I was maybe nervous and cold in -1 -5 degree weather. I have a lawyer, and we are asking for those things to be suppressed because it all shows i didn't do those things on the dash cam, no slurred speech, I stopped at the light, cant step off a line if there is no line, and I blew because I was overall maybe cold and nervous, and had no slurred speech in the video, and didn't raise my arms for balance., and my foot was down after 30 seconds.
It is tough to answer your question without seeing the video, the police report and knowing if your attorney wrote a...