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  • Ex-Tallassee police officer indicted; already accuse...

    Thursday Nov 12 | via Alabama Live 

    A former Tallassee assistant police chief - already facing charges of breaking into a business, stealing a gun from an evidence locker and coercing confessions in a child sex abuse case - is now charged in a federal indictment. An indictment filed last week in the Middle District of Alabama charges Chris Miles with deprivation of rights, claiming he assaulted an inmate at the Tallassee Jail in 2013; two counts of obstruction of justice, claiming he made false statements to an FBI agent about the alleged assault; and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.


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Clifford William stroh#286121 is in elmore co. jail for violated probation do to drinking .what next?
when I talk to his probation officer he said he waiting for an answer from mich.cliff has court with 2 probation officer then told me cliff only has 5 month on probation Clifford is wondering when he could get out or what going to happen. on june 21,2014 he was in a bad accindent an total out the van,the blood test was done and the it was 1.87 the state officer said he was going to give him a dui ticket but never did let PLEASE HELP ME mrs. stroh
You need an in depth consultation with an attorney. It sounds like at the least he is in violation of his probation.
I was put on unsupervised probation for MINOR Consumption of Alcohol. However I was required to report once a month to a CRO an
And provide random drug tests. This is not unsupervised probation. What should I do about this. This is my first and only offense. This is not right. Thank you for and help because I really need it
You should hire a lawyer sooner rather than later to look into this. If you are on unsupervised probation, you...
If I received a DUI in Mississippi can they take my Alabama drivers license? If so can I get another copy from the AL DMV?
DUI received in MS officer took the hard copy of the license. Can another be issued in AL without penalty? Obviously there will be a cost to the new license. Thanks
You may have issues getting an AL license, as the DUI conviction may come up when apply for another license. You will...
What's alabama law on being charged with a dui when the vehicle owner and private property owner are the same person
the only alcohol witnessed by officer was clearly opened inside of residence where driver went to contact spouse
I'm not sure I understand the question or the facts, but I know enough to recommend that if you were charged with a DUI...
I was pullled over for speeding, arrested for DUI. Should I plead guilty or get representation
I was not able to produce the car registration, as i was driving my daughters car and did not know where it was kept. I was not able to read the one i found, due to not having my reading glasses, this led to field testing and apprending. I took the breath analysis once at police station, which yield a .2 BAT.
I highly recommend seeking counsel. This is a very serious offense, given the high test. An attorney can fully review...
Penalty for felony 2nd degree theft, DUI, possesion of controlled substance in AL?
I am trying to get full custody of my 2 yr old son. My exwife has been arrested on 3 different occasions, all were after we seperated, for 1- felony possession of controlled substance( XANAX), 2-felony 2nd degree theft of a vehicle ( $2,000 stereo), 3- DUI for prescription meds that were found in the car after she caused a motor vehicle accident. If shes found guilty of all crimes what kind of time is she looking at? Also, what are my chances of getting full custody?
The biggest issue is not the DUI but the theft of a vehicle. In most states, a felony can typically get you at least...
I really wondering if i need a lawyer but i got my second D.U.I ?
I got stopped for a tag light and i didnt do a bac test with police but i did one at the county jail but they told me it couldnt be used in court im still on probation and im trying to really figure out if i could get a affidavid of hardship for my probation fines and when i got stopped for my tag light they said it was out and when i got my car back my tag light was on so i feel like i was being stopped for no reason so really i need to know what to do .
Generally speaking, any time you face jail, which is the case in many states for second offense DUIs, you'll need an...