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Just paid off DUI fines in AZ (dui metabolite, weed) Now they are sending me a revoke packet? Investigation packet? I completed the MADD classes and the TASC program from that case years ago, The case is from 2005. I now live in another state and am in need of my license how do obtain the docs they need if I dont live there? Doesnt the court get notified once someone has completed a court ordered program?
Not always. You will have to contact the provider and hope they kept better records than you did. Hope that's helpful
The driver only has a license in California and wants to know if a DUI on their Oregon driving record will cause a suspension of their California license??
Yes. It would be incredibly unlikely that the Oregon DMV would fail to send a notice of suspension to any states...
I received a 3rd DUI conviction in Oregon and have yet to drink and drive once. I cannot seem to find any help with this. I have had my license revoked for life for nothing. Is there any way to over turn a wrongful conviction on DUI cases?
When you say "conviction" do you mean charge? If you have been charged with a third DUII, you have the right to be...
The judge denied our motion to suppress evidence. Pre-trial and Trial are coming up in 3 weeks.
The minimum sentence required for a DUI conviction is 48 hours of jail or 80 hours of community service. The maximum...
A number of months ago I was arrested for DUI in Southern Oregon. Released after I blew a 0.01 on the Breathalyzer at the station, and they took a urine sample. I showed up to the date on the citation and was told by the clerk that no charges against me had been filed. I called the DA’s office about a month later and they said they rejected the case, I’m assuming because there was no drugs in my urine. I haven’t gotten any letters or anything else from the DA. My question is: at this point am I just waiting to see if they change their mind or want to charge me with a lesser charge? And how long do they have to do that? Thank you
The DA has 2 years to charge you with misdemeanor DUII, 3 years for felony (felony requires at least 2 prior in the...
I am going to take a plea deal on a conviction due to the fact that my case is very near impossible on trying . I've spoken with my public defender and two other lawyers , one of whom which I hired to represent me at my DMV hearing . This is my third offense so I'm facing a lifetime revocation , however Oregon has a law that I can get it back after 10 years . We are going to delay trial until a year has passed , so that my initial suspension will be up , at which time I'm going to get my license back in Oregon and transfer it to another state , then accept the plea which will result in the revocation . What will happen to my driving privilege after the revocation takes effect ? There are a few states that aren't in the Driver License Compact , would a license in those states work ?
Possibly after a year. Check into Colorado and Alabama for two I can think of.
I got charged with a duii after an atl was put out on my car. My niece was driving but the person who called assumed i was driving when i stopped in at his house. He knows better now. The police arrived at my house 20 minutes after my niece dropped me off. They pulled me off the porch while i was smoking a cig. He asked me if i had drank and i said no. He asked if i was driving and i said no my niece brought me home and walked home. He then asked if i would take a field sobriety test. I stated i wasnt driving so i dont know why its necesary. He volunteered me for the field sobriety test. the police report states after asking me twice i consented. I did not. I have my driver and the person who called as witnesses for trial but this is a felony duii and jurys scare me. Any opinions
First of all, do not post any more details here or anywhere else on the internet. Prosecutors and police can and do...