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  • Prominent black journalist, publisher George Curry h...

    Sunday Aug 21 | via CBS Atlanta 

    Police in Ohio are considering charges against a 74-year-old woman who hit the gas instead of her brakes and crashed into a crowd at an outdoor community concert in Ohio, injuring herself and eight other people,... Police in Ohio are considering charges against a 74-year-old woman who hit the gas instead of her brakes and crashed into a crowd at an outdoor community concert in Ohio, injuring herself and eight other people, officials... Members of the British army's Scottish regiment plan to travel from Montreal to New York City by canoe, paddling along lakes and rivers where their military forbearers fought and died during two 18th century wars.


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  • DC-area mayor faces drug charges after meth-for-sex ...

    Friday Aug 5 | via KRMG-AM Tulsa 

    These booking photos provided by the Fairfax County, Va., Police Department show, from left, City of Fairfax, Va. Mayor Richard "Scott" Silverthorne, Juan Jose Fernandez, 34, and Caustin Lee McLaughlin, 21, both of Maryland.


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Takoma Park Law

Can I travel abroad with my PO's permission? I am on probation for DUI.
I am on probation and going to the Bahamas very soon. I asked my PO for her permission and she said it's fine but also said I should probably write a letter to the judge; I sent it a few weeks ago and have been checking with the clerk every single day but I guess the judge is busy and has not checked my letter. I have been paying all the fees and have not violated my probation terms. Will I be stopped at the airport (customs) without judge's approval? Can they see that I am on probation at the airport?
Review the terms and conditions of your probation. Typically, it states that you cannot leave the state without...
I got stopped and I don't have a driving license I went to court once and I asked to get a public defenwe
What will happen if I show up to court without a public defender I don't have my drivers license I'm in the process of getting it.
You need to speak with an attorney asap. Virtually all private attorneys will speak to you over the phone and give...
Rear ended another driver, still within my 2 year window for DUI PBJ. Cops arrived at scene of collision.
Will I be in violation of the terms of my probation? I was supposed to not have contact with any officers. But I am curious, because car accidents are normally considered as civil disputes, if I will have violated probation. Will the cop have run a background check?
Were you cited for any offenses? Accidents are not criminal matters, unless something in addition to the happening of...
Will a lawyer get some of those charges dropped so she doesn't have to pay the tickets before or after the court date?
I'm asking a question on behalf on my girlfriend, she received a DUI in addition to other citations like speeding, failure to obey traffic signal, and I think driving without possession of her license. She received all of the above in tickets but hasn't had her court date yet. I don't know all of the details as I wasn't there when the incident occurred.
A lawyer gives her the best chance to lessen the effects of these charges/infractions.
Could my fiancé, who just got DUI, sponsor me for a green card through marriage? If so, what could the complications be?
I am on a temporary work visa, which could be extended and I have the potential perspective of becoming a permanent resident through my employer. In the meantime, I just got engaged. My fiancé is a US Citizen, and just had DUI. Would he be able to sponsor me for a green card through marriage? If so, what could the complications be? Thanks.
Your future spouse's DUI should not cause any problem (with I-130 filing at least :-). Only petitioners who are...
Pending DUI Case: Can I get naturalized if I hand the certified court disposition same day at Oath Ceremony?
I applied for Naturalization and while waiting for the final approval and oath letter, I was stopped for alleged DUI (refusal) and the case is pending trial. However, I have just received my oath ceremony letter today and would like to ask what to do before oath ceremony day. I read that you could not attend oath ceremony and receive naturalization certificate with pending criminal case. My questions? 1) Would a verdict of DUI guilty at trial prevent naturalization per se? 2) I read, is it true, you could attend ceremony if you present certified court disposition of case (dismissal or guilty) to immigration officer! 3) what is the best option to provide the court disposition to immigration before oath ceremony: A) Mail the court disposition to officer before ceremony? B) Come to ceremony with court certified disposition and present it to immigration officer with Form 445 same day? (I am for this last option) Your input would be much appreciated
You will not get to that ceremony until after the certificate is produced to USCS. Even after, you could be denied on...
Can I purposefully terminate myself from the ignition interlock program?
I have an interlock device. I have one violation from a few months ago after using a toothpaste I did not know had alcohol in it. I tried to explain to the MVA but they wouldn't remove the violation. Two nights ago, I was going out to dinner and sprayed perfume about 5 minutes before getting in the car. I got in, blew, and got a "fail" result. I washed my mouth out with water and opened the windows, and after the 5 minutes I blew again. I received a 2nd "fail" result. This time, during the 15 minute lockout period, I went inside and brushed my teeth again, rinsed out my mouth again, and after the 15 minutes the machine FINALLY passed me. Will this count as one violation or 2 in one session? How many violations am I allowed before being kicked out of the program? This machine has been nothing but trouble for me, and looking back I wish I had taken the 90 day license suspension, because I don't even really need my car for work or anything important. What would happen if I purposely get kicked out of the program and take a 90 day suspension? I have already had my court date so what's the worst that can happen?
You can voluntarily quit the program. You would go to the MVA and turn in her restricted license and tell them you want...