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I got stoped for DWI and did not blow or any testing also had my 12 year old son with me and I am licensed to carry a firearm .
The dps stopped me for wobbling after following me for a mile handcuffed me put me in the cop car to take me to get a blood draw I said to the cop you might want to get my gun off of me which he did and went and gave it to my 12 year old son for 20 min alone in the jeep till my wife got there then went and ask my son for the gun! Is that not child endangerment? And what can I do about the felony charge it my second dwi the last one was 6 years ago. Thanks
The presence of a child in the car is what makes your 2nd DWI a felony, due to enhancements. It is in your best...
How can I get to ignition interlock calibration appointment with suspended license?
I got a 3rd DWI last weekend and will be hiring a lawyer tomorrow, will request alr hearing and occupational license afterwards. Will also be installing ignition interlock next week and am on pretrial probation. Can get to probation with friends help but as far as driving to ignition interlock appointment with suspended license that would be a violation of probation and not going would be a violation too. This is a serious "catch 22" correct?
Yes, it would be a violation of your pre-trial bond conditions simple solution is to get a friend or someone to drive...
My urinanalysis came up dirty for alcohol first offense on defered adjudication probation for my first dwi.What could happen.
Never been in trouble before this was my first dwi
I would reach out to a local attorney who can protect you and your rights.
My husband has a DUI in Gregg Co. but now has an MTR in San Patricio County. What will happen at the hearing?
My husband has 2 attorneys. He has one for the DUI in Gregg County and one for the MTR in San Patricio County. His lawyer here says that the 2 attorneys are working on a workable solution that will satisfy both counties to keep him from going to prison. He (the attorney) realizes that this was a relapse ( maybe due to a sudden death of a close relative while he was away on a business trip). My question(s) is this: What will happen at the hearing? I am going to testify; what do I say or not say? And should we try to get others to testify or write a letter on his behalf?
Ask the lawyer representing him on the motion to revoke.
Tested positive for etg in urine and do not drink alcohol. Had my P.O. send it back to the lab for testing.What do i do now
I am pregnant and have a severe kidney infection. My p.o informed me that i tested positive for alcohol when i have not even drank any. Can an etg test even be enough evidence for grounds on revocation because it test for a biomarker of ethanol after reacting with your kidneys. There are hundreds of items we come in contact with and inhale inadvertently (Ethanol gas,hand sanitizer,etc.) and eat. As of now there are no "set in stone" cut offs that can tell if you actually drank or had accidental exposure but the court uses 500 as theirs.
The 500 ng/mL is the suggested level for use to avoid a positive test for ethanol from incidental exposure to other...
Failed an ignition interlock test. Probation officer filing "MTR/sanction". What does this mean?
Due to failed interlock test the officer is submitting an MTR/warrant for arrest (sanction). She did very little to explain anything about the situation to me. I have completed all CSR requirements (except community service hrs) and am 100% up to date on all payments for fines/fees/probation. My probation is set to be up in May. First offense DWI (non felony) 1 year probation sentence. I understand that I am in violation, but would like to know the general potential consequences in similar situations. Am I looking at a weekend in jail and then continuing the remaining probation or having my probation fully revoked and serving the max sentence of 1 yr? Will I have to go back before the judge that sentenced me and he decide? Thank you for any/all assistance.
She is going to notify the court that you have violated the terms of your probation. A Motion to Revoke is common for...
DUI in Texas... I had privioulsy had two DUI's, in New York, over 24 years ago, will this count as my 3rd? or?
I was charged with not having the perscription medicine in a bottle...resulting in a DUI charge , can this be dropped to a lesser charge? meds were for ADD
You need an attorney immeidately. To answer your question about being a felony, it depends on whether or not you were...