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  • Border Patrol agents arrest convicted sex offender

    Dec 7, 2017 | via Yuma Sun 

    U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Yuma Sector's Wellton Station apprehended 11 illegal entrants early Wednesday for entering the country illegally, one of whom had been convicted multiple times for sexual and aggravated assault, and previously deported on three separate occasions. According to a news release issued by Yuma Sector Public Affaiars, Border Patrol agents were patrolling near Tacna when they encountered the group.


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When police suspect you of dui do you have a choice to do a breathalyzer or blood draw ?
My boyfriend was suspected of dui in yuma az. He complied and preformed a breathalyzer and sorbriety test and passed but the cop still had his doubts and arrested him. The cop called a toll truck out since the driver was being arrested. The tow truck took more then 1 hour to arrive. The cop then asked my boyfried to drive the car off the freeway and park it so the tow truck could pick up the car from there. My boyfriend complied and then was taking to the police station where he was dammed to give a blood sample. My boyfriend itinitally didnt want to as he felt he already performed a breathalyzer and passed. the police said they had a warrant and where going to do it. . My boyfriend said if he can see the warrant or f they could read it to him he would comply. They refused and forcefully took the blood sample. Leaving bruises. My boyfriend had court the next day and judge said there where no charges against him and let him go. To his surprise about 30days later his driver license was revoke in the state of az. although he never had a DL in yuma az. Dmv said it is because he refused the blood sample. If he submitted to breathlyzer does he have to do blood sample?
The breath test on the roadside was a "pre=arrest breath test." It is not admissible in court, it just gives the...
I was lied to by probation officer and could of spent 2 in jail , how can they o tha?
Two and a half years in a 3-year probation I fell a drug test and a sentence 2 days in jail I didn't end up going went to the emergency room instead. The person that told me it was dirty was not my regular probation officer, she basically threaten me with Violet Violet in my probation and revoking my probation so I admitted to it.My probation officer shows up the next week and says when we find out what it is by doctor. So she tells me she doesn't know what it is but it's dirty how is that possible I would have spent two days in jail if not going to the doctor's I was lied to can I sue them or can I have my probation ended because they want to add an additional 5 more years probation for not paying the registration
No, you can't sue your probation officer. You have to pay your restitution or they can extend your probation or enter...
What's a case management conference hearing?
First time aggravated dui passenger under 15. Possession of dangerous drug
Q: What's a case management conference hearing? A: A case management conference hearing (a/k/a a docket sounding,...
Can the judge revoke supervised release if there was a violation?
My husband tested positive for 3 types of drugs cocaine,meth,and weed two times. And stopped going to take his urine test, this time when he got arrested they took urine example from him and tested for those same drugs. But i send a fax to his lawyer of a rehab where he was by the time he didn't show up to take his urine examples and i want to know would he still has to serve time in prison? The lawyer told me the sentence guideline is anywhere from to 3-9months or up to 12-24 months which she doesn't think it goes more than that because it was for using drugs only.
Yes, supervised release can be modified if there was a violation. Listen to your lawyer.
Does my son need a DUI attorney in AZ?
He was arrested in Yuma AZ while sitting in his vehicle in a mall parking lot. A city police officer noticed him and asked him why he was sitting there. He said he was just there, no reason. The officer noticed an open beer in the vehicle. She asked him to blow. He refused. She took him to jail where he was booked and stayed for two days. He was sent before a judge who heard his statement but provided no useful feedback just allowed him to be released. They did not take his WA state drivers license. Now he is concerned that there may be some action being taken against him in Yuma of which he is not aware. How should he proceed to find out if this is happening?
I would call an experienced criminal attorney asap. Most firms, like ours, offer an initial free consultation via...
Is there a statue of limitation on charging someone with a dui?
I got into a minor traffic accident no injuries no damage. I was taken to the police station blood was taken then I was released. I did have my license suspended "admin per se" this happened on 11/23/14. I never received any court dates and no charges have been filed. Is there a specific amount of time they have to charge me?
A DUI can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances. A misdemeanor must be filed within one year of...
Can a DUI disqualify me for a retail job?
I got one back in April of 2013. For DUI alcohol/drugs combo. I got the job at a department store on the military base my husband and I live at. My interview went extremely well, I just am afraid they will not call me for the position once they do a background check. Help.
Only the potential employer can answer this question. Better a DUI on your record than a retail theft offense. You...