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I am supposed to turn myself in to do 10 days jail time for driving on a DUI suspended in NJ. Later this month. I have a family emergency and find myself needed to move to Florida ASAP. What would happen if I moved and did not serve my jail time?
You'll get a bench warrant, and when you get picked up on it in the future you may serve more than 10 days in jail.
I had court today and was sentenced to ten days mandatory jail. The judge set a day for me to go in to serve the term. Is there anyway I can appeal this and get weekends or SLAP or house arrest? She would not approve weekends for me. Burlington county.
did you have an attorney? you have 20 days from the date of the sentencing to appeal.
Can you get good time on a 10 day mandatory jail sentence for driving on suspended DWI license?
No. 10 means 10.
I was caught driving on a DUI suspended license in NJ. I know there is a ten day mandatory jail term for the first offense, but is there any alternatives to this? I am 8 months pregnant and don't want to go into labor in jail.
The judge's answer to that is always, "You should have thought of that before you drove while suspended." You need to...
I got a DUI suspended license in NJ which I am getting restored December 25, 2013. I got pulled over on November 22, 2012 and have court in NJ for Driving on Suspended . The court date is after my license restoration date. Will this help me get the ticket dismissed? The cop said it would get dismissed since it is after my restoration date, but the lawyer that I spoke to said its going to be hard.
I don't see much of an issue here. On the date you were ticketed for driving on a suspended license you were driving on...
I received a DUI in NJ in August and am about to have my license suspended in the coming week when I go to the hearing with my lawyer (who feels confident it will be a reduced penalty, but still a suspension). NJ has no provisions for conditional work driver's license, but I recently took a new job in NY. I have established legal residence there already. The NYC DMV says I cannot transfer my license while it is suspended in NJ. Is there any route I can take to request a hardship license or at least get a permit to drive to work in NYS (yes, I know I still cannot drive in NJ)? I will need to commute between Brooklyn and Long Island, which is not practical to do on public transportation.
That is a question that you need to ask a New York attorney. New Jersey cannot authorize that. If the laws allow for it...
My fiance blew a 0.08 he was charged with DUI & fleeing the scene of an accident. We sat at trial until 1:30 AM the alcho test was thrown out and he was still charged. They gave him 9 months loss of lic. this was May 16th 2013. Our lawyer asked the judge for a stay in the case so we can appeal the judge agreed, well we still recieved all the charge papers, surcharges loss of licence etc but according to our lawyer the township wasnt allowed to put all that through yet because we had a STAY in the case pending the appeal. So now my fiance has had a loss of licence for 3 months and a risk of losing his job over something that the township was supposed to HOLD on charging him with because of the judge apprving a stay in the case, does this sound wrong??
Yes, if a stay was issued none of the penalties should have been imposed. You should speak with the lawyer who...