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Is it possible to not get admitted into USA because of a DWI?
I got a DWI on April 8th. They did blood test, later the results came back and the officer called me on May 26th saying that he needed to give me another ticket because according to blood tests, it was a Aggravated DWI. He knew I was going on vacations out of US on May 26th at night and said it was ok. I traveled to Canada because my flight was supposed to leave from Montreal, in Montreal airport, the US immigration said that I had TWO DWI in less that 6 months and that two DWI means a felony. They didn't allowed me to return back to US. My flight was Montreal-Miami-Tegucigalpa, so I was doing transit through US so in Montreal I did US immigration. I am an international student. It's first offense.
Yes, as you already experienced, that is indeed "possible", since two DUIs can be considered to be a "felony"...
How difficult and how long?
Which state is it easier to obtain a license after a dwi in NY state? Tennessee or Georgia?
Attorney from one state can't typically speak to DWI rules of other states. Here's my suggestion: Post your question...
I got a passport card AFTER a dui. Does that mean I can travel to Canada from New York ? I was issued a license no restriction
DUI in Florida Took all my classes paid restitution issued a license without restrictions no special insurance obtained passport card 16 months after. Can I travel? I now live in New York
My understanding is that Canada will not let you enter or stay if you have been convicted of a DUI. The decision is up...
How can I clear an incorrect NYS license infraction?
I received a traffic ticket in June 2014 for DUI which was later reduced in court to a non moving violation. NYS has still assessed me a driver responsibility fee for the next 3 years. Is there a way to clear this up with the DMV? I was NOT convicted of DUI, but still need to pay the driver responsibility fee? I'm thinking that maybe the proper paperwork was not filed at all, or on time by my lawyer with the DMV. Can anyone assist?
If you were represented I would first suggest that you speak with the attorney that represented you. Most likely you...
I had my conditional license revoked from being dropped from DDP. If I re-enroll in the class and complete it can I get it back?
I'm confused because I thought DDP could be completed at any time during a license suspension and having a conditional license. If I am violating my conditional discharged but re-enroll in the program and complete it am I allowed to get that conditional license back? I am also 20 and turn 21 in December of 2015 if that makes any difference.
I am not licensed in New York state, so I would defer to the answer of an experienced DUI attorney licensed in New York....
My mom has 3 DWI charges and has been incarcerated for almost 2 years now and was on probation because she had a alcohol problem
What are her possible outcomes? How long do they usally keep inmates in prison for, for this kind of thing?
More information is required to answer this question. DWI penalties can be severe and result in lengthy state prison...
I had a plea deal and one of the courts shows on the DMV website as a failure to appear.
I was convicted in January 2013 (arrest was in July 2011) of DWI. I had plead out because I had gotten two within a week. My plea was for one DWI and they would combine the charges. I plead in Salina court, but in North Syracuse it says on the DMV website I was a no show. I had gotten one in each district. I am on probation and my PO is willing to let me get my license. The lawyer who took care of this has not returned my phone calls. I have tried for the past month to get a hold of them. Is there anything I can do myself to get this straightened out? Are there any free services that I could use? I work part-time and school full-time so I really can not afford to pay some one or does anyone charge on a sliding scale? I have heard this situation is pretty common. Thank you.
It sounds like you entered into a plea in Salina but never hired your attorney for the North Syracuse matter thus...