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Hi I was convicted of a dui in the state of Utah and I am a NY resident. How can I avoid this from coming up on background chks
The offense took place in 2010 in Washington County, Utah. Dui frist offense, speeding second I full filled all of the courts requirements including community service.
If it was a criminal conviction it may show up and you can't prevent it. If it was not a criminal conviction or it...
In Suffolk County, how much can the bail be for felony DUI- the third on and a Felony 511?
No prior arrests in Suffolk but extensive criminal history in Nassau.
Suffolk - forget it.
If client was rear- ended by a drunk driver; and he lost control of the wheel, that lead to knee surgery, how would solve claim?
Client knee hit starring wheel ,due to rear ended, by another car; leg went dead, couldn't move due impact; injury lead to medial meniscus tear arthroscopic knee surgery. Ten months of chiropractor therapy, seeing doctor 2x a week. Lawyers in new Yorkvalue cases like this 25k, 36k, 55k. Some even said at trial 100k due to adjuster not settling policy limit. How would you strategies this case for your client?
I would want to read the police report and the medical records first, as well as the deposition transcript of the...
How does a attorney settled personal injury case with three injured in a accident by a drunk driver?
Two had whiplash, and the other had arthroscopic knee surgery & did ten- months of chiropractor therapy.
There could be a conflict of interest in using the same lawyer depending on whether one client was driving and how much...
How many times a month is a person tested from the probation officers for a felony dui?
if i work 6 days at a job where i cant leave often to see my probations officer, what happens then? and how many times does a person get tested usually on a felony dui probation (monthly) and what if i dont have time to go the probations officer do to my job hours? i work 6 days a week.
I don't think there is a specified number.
Interlock device
I currently have the interlock restriction on my cdl as well as the K restriction with allowsme to work in NY only... I need to remove the K REStriction.. I was told to go to my employer and get a letter from them stating I will be using my cdl for work purposes only.. Will Dmv remove that K RESTRICTION once I show them the letter???:
Unfortunately you were given bad information. You can drive an employer's vehicle for work purposes but not if it...
Interlock device....
I was convicted of A-DWI in April of last year... Sentenced to 3 Years probation. It's been over a year now and I have a job opportunity but I can't have the job unless I get the K REStriction removed from my license which ultimately requires the removal of the interlock device. What are my options? Should I go back in front of the judge and plead my case .. being thats it's for a career job opportunity , what are my chances of him removing the restriction? I live in NY , Nassau county... I haven't gotten into any trouble , I'm not a problem child... What can I do???
If it was a Nassau County case I would say the chances are poor.