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Hi I was convicted of a dui in the state of Utah and I am a NY resident. How can I avoid this from coming up on background chks
The offense took place in 2010 in Washington County, Utah. Dui frist offense, speeding second I full filled all of the courts requirements including community service.
If it was a criminal conviction it may show up and you can't prevent it. If it was not a criminal conviction or it...
In Suffolk County, how much can the bail be for felony DUI- the third on and a Felony 511?
No prior arrests in Suffolk but extensive criminal history in Nassau.
Suffolk - forget it.
Can an interlock be removed after all the classes and money paid can be removed early
i have a one year interlock order with no probation no violation with the intolcok and have completed all require classes
You can apply to the Judge after 6 months.
How does my ex manage to drive to see the kids whenever he likes with a conditional license?
My husband moved out in May and got a DWI with 2 leaving the scenes in June. He now has interim probation and a conditional license. I don't understand how he can come to pick up the kids at any time over the weekend and take them out for dinner or shopping. I know he has 3 hours free time to drive once a week but that's a fixed time not whenever he likes. Would the judge have allowed driving to the family home any time he pleases? And taking them out in the car too?
Just because he's doing it doesn't mean he's doing it legally. In addition to the 3 hours, they do allow: to and from...
How much time does a court have to request an appearance prior to the end of a DWI Conditional Discharge period?
I have been on Conditional Discharge since 12/03/15 for a DWI. On 01/01/15, I received a violation on my Ignition Interlock Device for a .07 BAC after only having the device for two weeks due to using mouthwash subsequently to chewing tobacco. I am now approximately 11 business days from the end of my Conditional Discharge (12/03/16) and have yet to hear anything from the court, with the monitoring agency informing me my jurisdiction rarely addresses single IID violations. What is the latest the court could possibly contact me and still have the ability to revoke/modify the CD? Correction: Violation was on 01/01/16*
It was not a violation of your CD. In fact, you should have petitioned the Court to get the IID removed after 6 months.
How much jail time would I get from a first offense with a dwi?
I got arrested on tuesday night wednesday morning for a dwi because my chemical test said my blood alcohol content was 1.1 but I was bleeding in my mouth. How long would I go to jail for that or what do I do to save myself from jail time?
The least of your problem is jail time. a DWI conviction can literally ruin your life. You really need to spend the...
Is it best to go on the k calendar until your case is finish
In the hospital on parole had a accident after curfew hours had a drivers license
Most lawyers will put your parole violation on the K calendar so they can address the pending felony charge. The idea...