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Hi I was convicted of a dui in the state of Utah and I am a NY resident. How can I avoid this from coming up on background chks
The offense took place in 2010 in Washington County, Utah. Dui frist offense, speeding second I full filled all of the courts requirements including community service.
If it was a criminal conviction it may show up and you can't prevent it. If it was not a criminal conviction or it...
In Suffolk County, how much can the bail be for felony DUI- the third on and a Felony 511?
No prior arrests in Suffolk but extensive criminal history in Nassau.
Suffolk - forget it.
Can a 2002 conviction of a DWAI Alcohol VTL 1192 SUB 01 (in NY) be expunged? It shows up on my FBI report.
I was arrested in NY in 2002 and given a Charge 1 - NYSVTL 1192.2 Driving While Intoxicated. In 2002, the court convicted me of the following charge (I plead guilty): DWAI Alcohol VTL 1192 SUB 01 INFR. I want to verify: I was technically CONVICTED "Minor Traffic Infraction," correct? I do not have to indicate on job applications that I was convicted of a DWI, correct? And is there any way to get this expunged from my record? There is nothing else on my record. I now live in PA and know this is able to be done there. Sincere thanks.
DWAI is a traffic infraction not a crime. Nowhere does it say minor There is no expungement in New York except in very...
I was arrested in Nassau for a Dwi and blew a .21. My vehicle was seized and I was arrested. Is there a way to get my car back?
In April I went on a dinner date and had a few social drink. I didn't make a full stop at the stop sign and the cops pulled me over while dropping my date off. They asked me to do a breathalyzer test and I cooperated. I blew a .21 over the limit. I had a brand new leased car which was seized on the scene (still impounded) and I was arrested overnight. I took went away to rehab on my own. Recently obtained a conditional license. I have a Dwi charge 10.6 years ago on my records but with that one I refused the breathalyzer. Since it was that long ago it makes this second one I was told this second one won't be considered a felony.
Hire an attorney immediately to try and negotiate a settlement or fight the seizure. The fact that its a lease hurts...
BAC pending
Last weekend I had a few drinks, my first drink was at 8:30pm and my last drink was at 12:30am. Within this timeframe I consumed three mixed drinks (vodka). I felt absolutely confident to drive and was pulled over and given a DUI. I blew a .07 at the police station around 2pm, but the results were insufficient and so about 40 minutes later they drew blood!! I can't understand how it's possible I blew a .07 with the amount I consumed, I FELT 100% fine and passed my fst's with no issue!!! I'm a female weighing in at around 112lbs. And I didn't eat much that day. Is it possible my blood could he higher than that ???? My life has been turned upside down.... Should'nt I have burned .01 per hour while drinking ? My BAC should have been .04
I would advise that you take a deep breath, and then speak to a lawyer or three in or near Garden City. There is no...
In Nassau County, is a person's license suspended at the arraignment? If yes, can you request a conditional license?
Charges: - NYS V and T Law 6001A leaving/scene property damage acc - NYS V and T Law 1129A following too closely - NYS V and T Law 11923 driving while intoxicated - NYS V and T Law 11922 driving w/ .08 of 1% or more of alc. No damage to property, no accident report filed (that we know of) , absolutely no criminal or traffic record. State trooper showed up at person's house 20-30 minutes after the incident and forced her to take a breathalyzer after waking her up from a sound sleep.
Yes, the license generally gets suspended and yes, you can generally get a conditional license 30 days after the...
Can i petition the court for early release from device requirements if i have had the device for 9 months
i have a conditional discharge for 12 months and iid required.
Absolutely. NY VTL 1198 allows for removal after 6 months. You should speak with your attorney as to whether the length...