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Need help with a DUI question
My friend had a DUI in 2013 and his license is not suspended he just had to have the interlock on his car.The DMV stated in California they can not require the interlock on a motorcycle so he was able to get his permit. He made the appointment with the DMV for his M1 driving test and they rented him a scooter for $65 he waited in line 2 hours but now he is told he can't take the test because of the DUI and the interlock requirement. Is this correct?
Sounds correct to me, but it doesn't matter what we think. The DMV controls all matters related to your friend's license.
On formal probation for 3 years total, only been 6 months (minimum 2 request travel pass) but denied... why??
As said, been 6 months in on my 3 year formal probation LA County. Never missed payment, never missed appointments. In full compliance with all requirements. My mom lives in AZ so put in for travel pass to visit her for xmas and it got denied but no one will tell me why. Before all this legal chaos I used to visit her every 2 months. Havent seen her since September of 2013... killing me. Had big hopes and didn't even consider would be denied travel pass to go see her for xmas... only asked for a 4day pass (1 day bus ride there 2 day visit and 1 day bus ride home). I'm eerked that probation officer won't even tell me why was denied. Do I have further options/appeal option? How and to who? Thanks in advance for assistance.
yes you can go into the court order it speak to your attorney about it
Open alcohol container vc a 23222
I got a ticket for vc a 23222 open alcohol container ticket while driving from what i understand it comes ith a fine around 250$ or less and a point on my license. But the point on my license i cant have since it will affect me personally since i will be looking for work as i aquired my california class A CDL is there any way to get the charges changed or reduced so i dont get a point on my license? i really can't have a point on my license please help im super stressing about this.
You really need to get a lawyer to help you or your CDL is worthless.
I got a DUI over a year ago and still paying off my fine I have 1000 more and just need my license back is there any other way
I can do other options like classes or community services or fine reduced
paying off the fineis not a condition precedent to getting your license and gettingto be dependent on paying off the...
Can a bartender/bar be sued for over serving obvious intoxicated person in California? Do they have to stop a fight?
LONG story short...was at dive bar, got wayyyy to drunk and ended up in a fight and ended up going to jail blah blah blah. Mind you I remember absolutely nothing. Never has that happen. On surveillance video police used for court it shows me literally barely able to stand but yet bartender kept serving me no problem. Now I've got to pay all these fines and stuff but none of it woulda even happened had I beencut t off when shoulda been. Also, was it legal for bartender to not only NOT prevent me from coming back in with a weapon but then video shows him leaning over bar to watch and not stop things.
An intoxicated person can't collect for injury to himself, but a third party injured by the actions of a drunk person...
My husband was arrested for DUI about 10 years ago, I am a US citizen and want to help him legalized his immigration status
We were told he needs to be cleared by the FBI will the DUI show in the FBI database if charges were dismissed?
While not everyone agrees with me, my opinion is YES if he was fingerprinted in connection with the offense. I'm a...
Will the city negotiate a lower amount when collecting on costs associated with my Dui?
I received a letter from Dept. of Finance from the city of Los Angeles. Stating I owe them for " Emergency Response Costs" of $1032.82 . They itemization they sent me looks like they want me to pay back the wages of the Police dept. officers that were at the accident. In the letter they are pretty agressive : stating law suit , collections or seizure of my bank account. I haven't worked since August due to loss of employment . And I have hospital bills over $673 k. because I was in hospital for 24 days and still recovering. I am overwhelmed and still face jail time Any recommendations ?
I doubt that they will negotiate a lower payment. Consult with a BK lawyer as to whether it is dischargeable in a 7. I...