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Drunk Driver Caused Accident in May 2016 and still has not been arrested, is she getting away with it?
A driver pulled out in front of my family in May 2016 and caused us to T-Bone her. She had drivers license but no insurance. She was transported to the same ER as my children, my husband and I. She was visibly intoxicated and an open container was recovered from her vehicle. It is noted on the accident report and she is listed as being under the influence of both drugs and alcohol on the report and at fault for the accident for failure to yield. She refused the sobriety test and the state trooper had the ER draw blood for BAC testing. It has now been almost four months and she has not been arrested. She totaled my car and broke my child's leg and my ribs. She also left my husband with "Post Concussion Syndrome". My attorney quit because there was nothing to collect as she had no insurance, the registered owner of the car claimed to have sold the car to her, and I had only liability coverage without uninsured motorist coverage. I am attempting to collect through the crime victim compensation fund for our medical bills but cannot do so unless she is charged. I could also request she pay restitution if she was charged which could help me toward another car. Why is she getting away?
Have you spoken with the DA? The officer who investigated? Was it in Jefferson County? How many cars are in your...
Received ticket VIOLATION DL RESTRICTION (RESTRICTION F- HAND CONTROLS). Im paralyzed,so I use a stick, what can I do?
I had all insurance, my license, but the reason he stopped me was because of my tag not being visible.
Hire an attorney to fight the ticket.
Got a first DUI while visiting Alabama. Live in California. If I get mandatory color code testin can I do it from my home state?
My court date is in four weeks. Breathalyzer 1.7. Will get suspended license, fines, probably a suspended sentence, maybe color code testing. Obviously I can't stay in Alabama to do the testing or six months worth of DUI classes. Can I do both of these things from my home state of California? Just trying to be prepared.
If you don't have one already, you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney in the area to help you with the case....
Had a DUI in North Carolina in 2001, nothing sense ?
DUI in North Carolina in 2001. Can I get my liences in Alabama ?
Yes. As long as your NC license is in good standing and not suspended or revoked.
What happens if your case is bound over to the grand jury for drugs first time offense. Do you do jail time
I was picked up for unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, dui, driving on wrong side of road and driving while license was revoked. This was my first time being picked up for drugs. What do I expect to have happen, my attorney cannot come that day.
These questions are for the attorney you retained. Your attorney or his/her associate should be there with you.
If you live in Alabama and on probation supervised and fail for weed and meth how long will you get
I just need to know if you was to fail a drug test for weed and meth how long would you get
Depends. There's no set time for a specific violation. You face up to the amount of time you could've gotten on the...
I am on a derversion program. In Huntsville , all. Level 1 how long will be on color code.
I am on a deversion program. For a DUI its my first one. I Huntsville,all. Level 1 how long will I be on color code
Did you have an attorney helping you with this DUI case? If so, you should ask your attorney, who would be in the best...