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  • Police investigating Eldersburg bank robbery

    Tuesday Nov 3 | via The Baltimore Sun 

    A sheriff's office squad car sits outside the Susquehanna Bank in Eldersburg following a robbery Tuesday, Nov. 3. The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is investigating a bank robbery that occurred Tuesday morning in Eldersburg and prompted six area schools to go into modified lockdown. At about 10:15 a.m., sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Susquehanna Bank in the 6400 block of Ridge Road in Eldersburg for a report of a robbery in progress, police said.


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  • Sykesville man charged with drug possession, intent ...

    Oct 23, 2015 | via The Baltimore Sun 

    A Sykesville man awaiting trial on charges of making threats to Liberty High School was charged recently with drug distribution after being pulled over by police for talking on his cellphone while driving. Bryce Perry Washington, 19, of the 5000 block of Mineral Hill Road, is charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and contributing to the condition to a minor, along with related counts following his Sept.


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Sykesville Law

Can I be held legally responsible for people under age 21 drinking in my house after I'm asleep?
My sons, ages 19 and 20, are home for the summer, but I'm still working and have to get up early. If they have friends over and I check to make sure that no one's drinking but then they start drinking (nothing I've supplied) after I go to bed, can I be held responsible for underage drinking?
Generally speaking if the police were to find underage drinking on your property that can cite you with a criminal...
DWI. arrested in NY (by my grad school). no accident. no injuries. no jail time at this point.
I failed field test. (A pass or fail only) Went back to station & did breathalyzer-1.13 Never in jail cell-officer looked up my record with me there & said my record was clean. He also said he'd tell court I was cooperative & honest. Got public defender b/c in grad school & did not want to involve parents. Been in front of judge, it was "adjourned" twice, 2nd time so that I could speak to officer in case he could recommend reducing down to DWAI. But he said he coudl not-poilcy of dept not to when BAC was over .10. 2 ques: should I & can I still get an attorney? I don't want to make judge mad if I change at this late time. (Court date is 7/13) what is worse case scenario-I am home in MD for summer-what can I do if I have to take court ordered DWI classes, etc?
The public defender may help you, but if you are not satisifed with the deal they offered or the way the case is...
Got a DUI in PA in December of 2009 and went on ARD program in February 2010. Can a DUI in MD (resides in PA) in 2014 be 2nd?
Does the 5 year rule go from date of incident or date of sentencing?
In Maryland, you cannot receive probation before judgment if you had a prior DUI within the last 10 years. If the ARD...
I need help regarding a 2 DUI that is out of state. Already went to court....
Resided in PA and got a DUI in Dec 2009 and accepted ARD Program in March 2010. Got a 2nd DUI in MD in July 2014. Lost MD driving privileges from Sept to Dec. Attended counseling and was advised to plead guilty in January 2015. (did not feel comfortable doing this but was told jail would result if didn't). Finished counseling and found out fiancé and I were not getting apartment we thought in PA so moving to MD. What will happen in MD? License? Vehicle? Received notice PA was notified of guilty plea and suspending for 1 year. PLEASE HELP ME!!! ANYTHING I CAN DO NOW? I am sickened by all of this. Am attending AA mtgs and checking in with monitor once a week.
You should check with your attorney to see what options you may have. If Pennsylvania suspended you for one year, then...
What are the typical repercussions of a 3rd offense DUI in the state of Maryland?
I live in MD and have two priors in PA, the first being in 2009. Im currently enrolled in a 26 week treatment program. I know there will be jail time and license suspension, im just trying to get a more accurate outlook on what will happen.
Much depends on the specific facts of your case. That said, I think your expectations are not unrealsitic. I think...
In Md iif vehicle was mechanically unable to drive, but forgot to turn in tags to DMV can the penalty be waived? IDMV 4800..00.
Motor needed replaced.Truck parked my garage not being driven.Repossed so they know could not be driven..DMV charged me $4800.00.I cannot pay iit.They requiew 20% down to make pymt arrangements plus the pymts would be too high. Can you help me waive this debt.
That certainly is a lot of money. The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) may provide a way to argue you do not owe...
If I am granted a PBJ in Maryland for a first time DUI, does the PBJ get reported back to home state of Mass?
I tapped a vehicle pulling out of a parking spot after a few beers and an officer witnessed it and decided it was ground for a breathalyzer. I came in at .09 BAC. Clean record. Never been in trouble. I read online that insurance companies do not find out about PBJ's, so I was curious since PBJ's are not considered convictions would it be reported back to my home state? I have also read online that the interstate myth regarding Massachusetts not finding out about out of state DUI's is a farce due to the new DLC (?). Since Mass. doesn't have a PBJ law, I'm puzzled as to how this would effect me back home dealing with the RMV.
Do not go into this case with a pbj attitude . Low breath test cases are defensible in some circumstances. Md will...