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Recently I got a DUI. when I had the adminastrative hearing I won on questions about the blood draw. My question is at any point do they change their mind? While the outcome in court change things?
If you had an attorney help you with this, give them a call. They are in the best position to answer your questions....
my girlfriend was driving my car and i was sitting in the seat behind her and we were fighting and i pulled her hair and we crashed. we both left the scene and the cops found us and arrested me and gave me a dui even though she addmitted to driving and i wasnt. i am going to loose my job if i get convicted for it. if she admits to the judge and explains that she tried to tell the cops that it was her can iget the charge dropped
Definitely see a lawyer do not represent yourself and do not discuss this until you've seen an attorney. This is...
if i had to do community service, dui counseling in i got a year to do it do a misdemeanor still show up now and later after my completion. By the way first time offense
Not possible.
I was put on court supervision for 1st offense dui. my terms were to complete an ARM program,alcohol evaluation and alcohol risk education and substance abuse treatment. I have completed the 1st 2 but have not done my treatment what will happen when I go back to court - is jail time possible?
You risk having your license revoked, and community service or jial time added if you fail to comply with the sentence....
Two duis in 2007 License revoked Caught driving on a revoked in 2013
You should strongly consider speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area.
I'm an 18 year old girl who got pulled over for going 40 in a 30 mph zone last week. I was asked to do some field sobriety tests, which I failed— I would fail all these tests sober though as I have motor impairment problems (medically documented). I then blew a .092 in the field test, but at the station I blew a .083 on the reliable machine, and that's the BAC they cited me with. I have never gotten any sort of traffic citation before nor have I ever been in trouble with the law. What are the odds that I could get this reduced to something that won't show up as poorly on background checks for jobs and the like? I have a meeting with a lawyer tomorrow, but want to have an idea of what my chances are realistically.
You need to be patient and wait until tomorrow to discuss your situation with your attorney. Hopefully you will be...
I was arrested for a DUI because the officer believed I was under the influence of alcohol even though I blew under the legal limit, I believe I blew a .06. He pulled me over because I was speeding (67 in a 55) and improper lane usage "swerving". I only had one beer that night. I did however take some over the counter sleep meds earlier that night because I was planning on going to sleep but ended up driving my wife around bars because she was celebrating and needed a DD and I told the officer about the sleep meds. Will that hurt me in my case? I feel all charges should be dropped because I was clearly not intoxicated.
Unfortunately, you can blow under the legal limit and still be charged with DUI. That is because there are a few...