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I was convicted of a Misdemeanor Drunk in Public back in CA in 96/97 and it appears to be gone. Can that happen?
I was convicted of a Misdemeanor Drunk in Public back in CA in 96/97 and I called Riverside County where I was convicted in to get case numbers, etc. so I could work on expungement. They said they didn't have a record on file and gave me a number to the state. I called the State and they said the same thing, they can't find a file or a conviction. Can a Misdemeanor just disappear? That doesn't seem quite right. After that, I ran a background check on myself, and sure enough it didn't pop up.
It is possible they failed to transfer your file from the old system to the new one. It's rare... but it happens....
I got a dwi back in 2008 along with a simple possesion charge of marijuana can I get the simple possession charge expunged.
I live in asheville north carolina and I finished probation and aa classes and all fines and fee's are paid!!
Tou may want to call Andy Banzhoff in Asheville. He's an excellent attorney and I feel certain he would be able to...
Do I have to disclose a pending DWI to the schools I am applying for?
I was charged with DWI that resulted in me totaling my car. No other property was damaged. My BAC was .10. No one was hurt , and no grossly aggravating factors were present. I am the one who actually reported the accident. I have no criminal history or past incidents. I have already taken my assessment and have a safe driving record. The charge is pending and I am trying to decide whether to fight it or plead guilty. The charge qualifies as a misdemeanor. I am wondering about the impact that this DWI will have on my educational opportunities. I have a 3.8 GPA at my current institution and I was hoping to transfer to a more selective school and then apply to medical school when I finish my undergrad. I made a terrible mistake drinking and driving and I feel horrible about it and I am trying to atone for my mistakes. I have worked so hard to get where I am in school. Do I have to disclose pending charges on my applications even if I contest this charge? Would I be able to study abroad? What about the implications for the medical school application? If I do plead guilty is there any way I can have this charge sealed or expunged? Is there even a point in pursuing this dream?
Your answer on an application depends on the way the question is phrased. I advise clients to err on the side of...
Fl license w/ DUI in NC
I moved to NC and got a DUI the 1st month I lived here. My lawyer advised me to not switch my FL license over to NC. 4 months later, I got a 2nd DUI (the conviction rate is nearly 90% here). I was charged with both 1 day apart from each other. I have finished everything required by the state. My license was suspended for a year (the year will be up at the end of April). However, whenever I check the FL DMV site on the status of my license it always says "valid". My understanding of the situation is that my driving privileges have been temporarily revoked in NC but bc I don't have an NC license they couldn't suspend it. Details: 1st offense bac 0.11 (breath) 2nd offense bac 0.16 (breath) My question: Will I be able to drive again after the "suspension" period has ended without meeting other criteria given the fact that my license hasn't *actually* been suspended?
If NC suspended your right to drive within the state of NC, you can't drive in NC until you meet their requirements.
Is a 1st dui in PA considered 1st offense if you have a prior dui in another state or is it a second offense.
Previous dui in NY current dui in PA. Resident of NC.
Check with an attorney in PA for local procedures. In NC, yes, it's supposed to count, but many times the State does...
Can a dwi blood warrant be suppressed if officer and magistrate both forgot to sign the citation but signed the warrant instead
can a dwi blood warrant be suppressed if officer and magistrate both forgot to sign the citation but signed the warrant instead
This is actually a complicated question. An experienced criminal defense attorney will need to look at the warrant and...
Does this affect the NY conditional discharge? Also, is dui in PA considered a first offense or second.
Pled guilty in NY to misdemeanor dwi with conditional discharge original charge was felony. Then get a dui in PA. Resident of NC.
The answer is yes--if the DA's office finds out about the arrest. It sounds like you have bigger problems in PA...