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Could I prove medical issues were the cause of an incident that lead to a DUI?
Found unresponsive in parking lot. Brought to ER. Diagnosed with pneumonia. With low blood pressure. Dropping all the way down to 79/54. With documentation stating no drugs or alcohol detection. Mentally broken. Released myself against Dr's orders. Found approximately 16 hrs later blocking both lanes shaking uncontrollably disoriented unable to answer. The same as hrs before. Both incidents resulting in ambulance ride to ER. I also have severe emphysema, COPD, PTSD, bi-polar, severe depression,anxiety and just learned oldest son has been arrested by UPSET on many drug charges. Found out he's been using IV. Tested positive with small amounts of my own medication. I have no recollection of either incidents. STILL on antibiotics after a month
You need to hire one of the great lawyers from MIOWIA who are experts at OWI defense.
Can I have a felony drunk-driving cleared?
This event was over 20 years ago I am not on probation parole or owe any fines. Nor do I drink any longer
If you are talking an expungement, then No, a Dwi/Dui is not an expungable offense.
I am a Michigan Resident and got a DUI in Arizona. My question is will Arizona report this to Michigan?
Was told that Arizona is not part of the Interstate Driver License Compact so dui I received in Arizona will not be reported to Michigan. Is this true?
Yes, it may take a while, but they will eventually.
How long jail time for possession charge on probation?
My boyfriend has been on probation for some time now and has suspended license.. he went to jail for a week a few months ago for driving on suspended license and he just got a possession of Marijuana charge. They took him in on september 28 and said he had a hearing on the 5th. How long will he being in jail?
He can go to jail for the remainder of the time owed for the original charge and then he can go for the new charge. so...
Will I go to jail for a first DUID offense?
Charged with driving under the influence, had THC in system but did not use it the day I was pulled over and arrested.
Typically you would not get jail on a first offense other than the time you spent in jail at your arrest. However, a...
Are there any restrictions for valid licensed drivers of a vehicle with a DUI paper plate? Are drivers targeted by police?
I'm Owner of vehicle that was impounded/issued paper DUI plate. I was not involved, I was out of town at the time. I let some use my vehicle & they received DUI charge.
No you will not be targeted. A paper plate will terminate upon adjudication of the DUI. Afterwards, you will be able to...
Can I volunteer time labor (cleaning, cooking etc) at my local jail or court house in Allegan county to pay off my fines?
I served 3 days in jail already for a suspended license violation. My fines are almost two thousand dollars.. the job I have now barley pays the bills much less put food on the table for my kids. So I'm wondering if I can do basically community service to put towards my fines?
Check with your probation officer. A lot of judges make those kind of arrangements. If you are not on probation, then...