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When do you have to wear a SCRAM bracelet during probation?
I was charged with 1st offense DUI with a minor in the vehicle. I have one year probation with 15 days jail. I am almost done serving my time and am wondering what to expect during my probation. I have heard that a SCRAM bracelet is required in some cases, usually repeat offenders. My P.O. was not sure if I would be required to wear one in my case. I was just wondering if any Lawyers have been through a case like mine and if the SCRAM bracelet was required.
At the risk of sounding glib: A SCRAM bracelet is required as long as your PO says it is. Your PO is in charge of the...
First offense DUI w/minor 12 months probation and 15-20 days jail?
I was pulled over in Wisconsin first offense DUI with a minor in the vehicle. I was told I could get up to 6 months jail time with Huber privleges so that I can keep my job. The state's initial offer was 12 months probation and 15-20 days County Jail. Does that mean I won't get Huber release? Sounds like I will have the option of doing a short amount of full time jail OR long jail with Huber release? What are my chances of getting Huber privleges with the 20 days? I don't have any vacation time left and could lose my job over all this. I am so confused. I am in counseling and will have character reference letters. I would rather have more probation time and no jail. Do they ever do that?
You should be able to get huber privileges on that 15-20 day conditional jail sentence (a sentence served as a...
Can I still submit a Notice To Suspend License form (to try to NOT have it suspended) after the 10day filing period has passed?
I unfortunately received a Notice To Suspend form in the mail after my arrest for 1st time OUI. It is 100% IMPERATIVE that I be able to drive to maintain my job as well as for dire financial reasons. Does submitting this form mean that I am automatically claiming "Not Guilty" or just that I wish to ask NOT to have my license suspended? Please inform! Thank you .
You can try, sometimes DOT won't notice that a deadline has been missed by a day or so. Note that it is ten business...
Is it wise to get a court appointed atty.for a 1st time DUI? I cannot afford an expensive lawyer but NEED driving privileges,etc
It is imperative that for both financial & job security reasons that I do NOT miss work. I've received a notice of intent to suspend my license. I absolutely cannot afford an expensive atty. & have been told the court would appt. one for me. Is this wise??
Unless you had a minor in the car with you or you caused an injury, a first offense is not criminal, so you are not...
What do you generally see from first DWI?
What are the most common results that you see from first offense DWI with a refusal? There is nothing else on my record and there were no damages or injuries.
Hopefully this link can help you out.
Will I face jail time for my second owi in Wisconsin in a 8 year span?
I just unfortunately received my 2nd owi in 8 1/2 years. My first one is in 2007 and now this. I am wondering if there is anyway I don't see jail time? I am so ashamed of this and my wife and I are not sure how to handle it. Thank you
The only way to avoid jail time on a second offense is to win the case, whether that be through a motion argument or...
Can I get a breathalyzer removed from my car early due to asthma issues?
I have significant asthma and the breathalyzer doesn't always read correctly forcing me to try again while my car is going haywire. The DMV's view on the issue is "well if you have asthma you shouldn't drive". I have had this torture device in my car for 6 months and it is only getting harder to do. Every time I take my car in for calibration they tell me that the device can just mess up sometimes, but as long as it is not reading a fault or error code they can't do anything about it.
Just having asthma isn't likely to get you a hardship exemption. If your doctor is willing to testify that your poor...