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Does a blood sample for dui have to be stored in a certain manner
Blood sample was taken in Pa for suspected dui. almost two weeks later it is still at the police station in a cardboard box.. I am concerned that it will not be valid. Consulted an attorney he advised me that he can do nothing until I am charged. I am concerned that this sample will not be accurate. I WAS not under the influence of anything other than being tired. My eyes were red and that gave the office cause to give me a breathalyzer, which I refused and ask for a blood sample. I am concerned that my attorney is not being proactive on the blood sample. Should I find another attorney. I had a DUI in college 3 years ago. Stupid, I know but I did learn a very important lesson .
I am not aware of any rule or requirement that it must be stored in any particular way. If charges are file and the...
4years ago I was hit by a drunk driver head on and he had a rental car that was in his fathers name and insurance.
I have recently been informed my law firm cannot sue the rental car company of the car that hit me head on in a drunk driving case. The man driving committed suicide two years ago. The case has been pending for 4 years. My lawyer is getting very pushy and nasty towards me as I am losing faith and questioning why they did not know 4 years ago that they would not be able to sue the rental company. I am very confused and have many questions but I am strongly advised to sign the check portion of of the estate and then will have to sue my insurance company. I have so many questions for my lawyer but her main concern is that I sign this check that I am so reluctant to sign. I have a neck injury that I am still treating and a pinched nerve in my right arm.
Unfortunately, other attorneys are not able to give you advice because you are represented already. Also, with every...
I was arrested for a DUI back in November of 2014. I was arrested for a DUI again in January of 2015. I was a Target 21 and had
to follow bail conditions along with wear a SCRAM bracelet. I went to my all of my court dates up until the arraignment. My bail had been revoked a week before the arraignment due to failing to pay the SCRAM office. I was completely out of money so I took a job in Montana, cutting of my SCRAM bracelet before I went out there. I have since returned and intend to turn myself in. The only problem is that I have no money for a lawyer, but I have a very beatable case. With the consequences of a 2nd DUI, I don't trust a PD. Should I go back to Montana and save money for a lawyer or take it up myself? How long am I likely to be held up in jail? I have a great job awaiting me to clear warrants so I need to take care of this. I was also cited for driving w/o a license, but my bail wasn't revoked.
I would use a public defender on this and if the PD does not seem to want to fight for you, hire a private attorney who...
Do I have a DUI?
I am 19 years old. I did not completely stop at a stop sign and got pulled over. I took the sobriety tests and blew into the breathalyzer, then was taken to the station where I took another more detailed breathalyzer, I blew a .059. Then I was released where my parents took me home. I recently just got a citation today which charged me with an Underage and does not say anything about driving. Will I receive a second citation for driving or did the officer only charge me with an underage?
Hows about you take the citation into a lawyers office - a real-world lawyer's office - and let them look at the...
What happens if you dui out of state and you are also out on bail in your own state?
Continuing from an earlier question about my son-in-law having a dui out of state, but has returned home from bad accident and surgery. He is out on bail with drug charges in his home state with "no alcohol" restrictions. If his home state finds out about the out of state dui, they will put him back in I am sure, but will his home state find out? Do the states communicate this information to each other ?
His home state may not communicate it to the district attorney's office prosecuting him, but depending on the state,...
What's the average cost of an attorney for a DUI case.
Whats the average cost of an attorney for a DUI case? The case will involve suppression of the blood draw.
Good question. It differs from state to state and from area to area. It's also uncommon for attorneys to reveal their...
Will the prosecutor verify my insurance for a DUI?
I had proof of insurance at the time of my arrest for a DUI involving an accident with no injuries. However I found out afterward my husband had not paid and the insurance had lapsed. Will they find this out and can they then charge me for that?
The MVD will find out generally the court will not.