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I was convicted of a DWI, refusal of blood test on Jan.30,2012. Can a judge suspend asap if incarcerated for years?
I was basically pulled by the same officer everytime he saw me. I always passed his sobriety test until he pulled me at 230am and he failed me for not following his finger. I passed all the other tests. He was aware of the medication I took and arrested me for dwi of prescription drugs. At the time I had to have medical reports yearly for dmv and I still had a valid license. Due to my criminal record my attorny told me I couldn't fight it because I would not win. The officer has been taken off patrol and sits at a desk because of harrassment with other people. I spent 4 years in prison for other charges and I don't feel like I should have to complete asap. I did jail time and I've been in treatment.
You've learned a valuable lesson: you can't win if you don't fight. But on to your question regarding VASAP....
Do i need to list a DUI if the application asks if i've been convicted of violation of the law other than minor traffic violatio
The DUI was in NC in 2006. I'm applying for a teaching job.
A dwi is not considered a minor traffic violation. Speeding or no turn on red are but not dwi. It is considered a...
Entering Canada with a Virginia "refusal" conviction.
I have an old VA conviction for civil test refusal, and would like to travel to Canada. Resultant DMV suspension/reinstatement are resolved. Will this be an issue at the border? Does Virginia even report "refusals" to the databases used by border agents? Attorney who handled VA refusal case was unfamiliar with these issues. Advice on how to proceed?
You may want to direct your question to an immigration attorney, however since it was a civil matter and not criminal (...
How would I go about having my license reinstated after being charged with DUI in Norfolk VA and currently residing in Arkansas?
My license has had a hold on it from VA ASAP since 2006 when I was charged with a DUI. I served my time in VA for my DUI and was transferred to AR where I had another charge to serve time for. I served my time and it has been nearly 10 years and I now have a family and am much more mature. My suspension has since been revoked, I have paid all reinstatement fees and fines. However they are still saying I have to take the class but I reside in Arkansas (ever since being transferred)! Any idea how I can get this taken care of and finally have my license back?
ASAP is not going to release your license to the Virginia DMV until they are satisfied you have successfully completed...
Hi dis my 2nd time getting caught driving on ah suspended license... Do u think they will lock me Up?
Even if dididn't pay on my old fines will they lock me Up?
Many 2nd offense driving while suspended or revoked result in some jail time, especially if it is DUI related. The...
I was put on probation with vasap , I completed community service & paid most fines, vasap violated me for missing a class?
I wanna know what can happen tommorow when I go back to court for my deferred disposition, I completed all of but like 15 hours out of 100 for community service being that vasap sent me a letter saying they was taking me back to court, I did everything I was suppose to from last year till tomorrow but a class & I wanna know what can happen when I go to court, they also said I have $300 left for fines, which I have no income at all so I had no choice, my daughter was sick the time I missed the class and I had a family member call cause I was in the hospital all day with her, by then they had sent the letter stating they was going to violate me. IM scared to death cause I have nobody to care for my daughter I'm her only caretaker, could somebody please help me!?
You can either be given an extension or prosecuted. Consider hiring an attorney to help you out.
Am I permitted to drive to court to have my restricted drivers license amended if I get a new job?
Restricted license issued following a DUI conviction.
Virginia restricted driving licenses ordinarily state that the licensee may drive to court dates. It is important to...