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Virginia DMV authority in DUI case.
I agreed to a first offense DUI plea in Virginia. The court records do not require me to attend VASAP. What gives the DMV authority to withhold my drivers license until I complete VASAP?
Virginia law requires you to complete VASAP unless you went through the process of getting the judge to relieve you of...
What are my chances of beating a dui case with a .16 bac
I was involved in a accident where just I was involved and was unconscious at the scene when cops and paramedics came. They did a blood test at the hospital and results came back as. 16 .....I don't believe there we're any witnesses to the accident. It has been 11 months and there still isn't a police report available that my public defender is telling me. I was told my situation could work out in my favor because of the way it all accured and because there was a blood test done instead of the field tests....I'm just worried if maybe I should just go ahead and hire a lawyer or if I'll be okay with the court appointed lawyer
Court appointed lawyers have the same education and experience as retained lawyers. A .16 in virginia carries a...
DWI in a parking lot after someone backed into my car. Officer took me in for breath test and I passed but was still charged.
I called for assistance because other driver would not share insurance info. The officer talked to the lady that backed into me as I was traveling through the lot then arrested me. I was below legal limit and released but was still charged with DWI. The officer failed to get the other drivers info and did not ask who was driving my car as there were 3 people in it but just assumed that I was the driver. I was not. So a lawyer will be $1500 to go before the judge to say I was not driving , I was not drunk and the officer did not even do the job that he was called to do. And that was get the insurance info. So I also have over $1000 damage to my car. Is there a way to handle this that gets the facts straight but doesn t cost me the lawyer and damages to my car expenses?
Your best bet it to protect yourself and hire an experienced attorney. I know your in a tough spot but getting the...
Virginia DMV authority in DUI case.
I agreed to a first offense DUI plea in Virginia. The court records do not require me to attend VASAP. What gives the DMV authority to withhold my drivers license until I complete VASAP?
Attendance to VASAP is required by Virginia Code section 18.2-271.1. A link to the statute is below. Though your...
Do I need a attorney for failed to be off good behavior?
Hit-and-run and then got a DUI. I would need an attorney to request weekends due to currant status of the DUI.
If you have back up time... the judge will be looking to give you all your back up time if you have a show cause (...
I was convicted of a DWI, refusal of blood test on Jan.30,2012. Can a judge suspend asap if incarcerated for years?
I was basically pulled by the same officer everytime he saw me. I always passed his sobriety test until he pulled me at 230am and he failed me for not following his finger. I passed all the other tests. He was aware of the medication I took and arrested me for dwi of prescription drugs. At the time I had to have medical reports yearly for dmv and I still had a valid license. Due to my criminal record my attorny told me I couldn't fight it because I would not win. The officer has been taken off patrol and sits at a desk because of harrassment with other people. I spent 4 years in prison for other charges and I don't feel like I should have to complete asap. I did jail time and I've been in treatment.
You've learned a valuable lesson: you can't win if you don't fight. But on to your question regarding VASAP....
Interlock Violation
I got my 2nd DUI along with refusal to blow. I was given 365 and they suspended 335. My license was revoked for 1yr. I then petitoned the court for restricted. It was granted under stipualtions of No alcohol consumption and interlock in my truck for 1yr. It was put in last October, its supposed to come out this october. This morning on the way to a family members funeral at 7:00am I blew and failed, youre supposed to blow again after 5 minutes. I didnt,i rode with a family memeber to the funeral because i couldnt be late. This is my first time violating these stipulations. I now have to report back to my case worker. I dont know what is going to happen. Of course, i am thinking the worst that i will get all of my time back for this violation. I just want some kind of idea about what will happen, what type of consequences I am facing and things of that nature
You're going to have to contact a local lawyer for a free consultation.