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Can I be arrested if I hit my own mailbox after I had been home for an hour for a dwi & leaving the scene? My car was in the drv
I drove home after an early dinner and as I turned the corner onto my street my heal got stuck in my floor mat. Which caused me to push the gas harder. In turn I hit my own mailbox. I parked my car went inside my house and had 2 beers. My neighbor called the police and they arrived 45 min later. I was arrested for a dwi and leaving the scene of an accident. They did not request a breath test but I did do a field test which the police implied that I passed then one said "lets take him down anyway" I was released with no bail the next morning.
Of course you have already been arrested, the issue is whether the state can prove the charges against you beyond a...
As a general rule a DUI in S.C. is not subject to expungement, as it is both a moving and misdemeanor violation. The...
If an inmate currently in work release received an unauthorized ride in a personal vehicle from 1 bus stop to the next
and took items belonging to that person, is there any legal action that can be taken to get the items back if the inmate refuses to return them to owner, and would the driver be facing any criminal charges if they were unaware that It had to be an authorized ride if the driver reported the inmate for a violation or non-compliance with the rules and regulations of work release in the state of Florida? There is evidence to back up these claims.
If you think somebody stole from you, you should report it. If you know the person and arranged to pick that person up,...
What will happen if i go for my first drug test and its a fail?
My son is 11 mon we have been involved with DSS since he was born opiates were present. My husband never has used drugs and my son has a wonderful loving home and everything he could ever need she even said she wasnt worried about his safety plan bc we have a protector my mother in law. She wants me to take a random drug screen tomorrow if i fail wjat does that mean? I was supposed to start a treatment plan at shoreline and once completed the case would be closed but o haven't started that either. I have had a lot of family tradegies and different things happen that just havent allowed the time for me to go somewhere 3 days a week 45 min away from home. I know she has already put in paperwork to request a hearing and i dont know what to do any advice would be greatly appreciated or insight into what may happen next.
With all due respect, you are risking loosing custody of your child. DSS is no department to be making mistakes with,...
When victim is dead because she be overdoses ,can persecution go trail ,can he win the case, or be dismiss ?
Victim is ready dead for overdoses drugs ,than have videos evidence when was slot and drug's issues and I am accused from this victim csc 3 degree ?
Unless there is evidence from other sources this case may be dismissed but best to discuss same with criminal defense...
Ex is drunk, verbally abusive and threatens kids during visitation, do they still have to go?
My ex is an alcoholic who doesn't recognize nor admit it. We divorced 4 years ago, I live with the kids full time in Georgia and he has visitation in SC, where our orders were finalized. He's a belligerent, verbally abusive drunk who threatens my older children (12/13) with physical violence, jail, hospitalization, calls them names, is aggressive, etc. this was the 5th visit in a row in which he started in on them and they've contacted me begging to come home. The kids have severe sleeping issues when they are there, are increasingly anxious, angry and depressed. My 12 year old daughter was treated for severe depression in a facility last fall due to her relationship with her father, and did not see him for 6 months. She even asked him directly to visit her and he refused. He's not interested in school or activities, he rarely calls or texts them (maybe once every 2 weeks, if that), and he only interacts to yell at them. Today when my son called at 6:30 am to tell me his drunk dad was screaming at him, punching walls and saying he would beat his ass, begging me to come get him, I did. He told me he was going to have me arrested, and I told him to go ahead. What do I do now?
You should petition the Family Court based on this alleged behavior. You would be well advised to retain a family law...
I got a dwi in Alabama 2011 and it was only a first in a cdl. The first one is 2000 with a car. Why am I getting denied on jobs?
It still shows up on driving records when trying to get a driving job. But been over five years. Its my first cdl dwi. The first was in 2000 for a car.
We cannot say why they are choosing to pass on you. That is an internal business decision. And it is their right to do...