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I was convicted of DWI level 5, on appeal due to not allowing my witness back at S.O. Is this a good appeals case?
I requested a blood test but deputy said if witness not here in specific time period we will go ahead with breath analyzer. They were there but did not allow back with me.
Without knowing all the facts it sounds like you might have some grounds for appeal. You should definitely consult with...
My nc license is supended because of a dui. i am moving to savannah Ga. can i get a license there?
i am eligible for my license in nc in july of 2015. do i have to wait that long to get a ga license?
Yes, you are going to have to comply with the North Carolina judgment before any other State will issue you a valid...
Will an out of state warrant from Pennsylvania affect me in north carolina? Can i get a drivers license in nc with a warrant?
I have a Violation of Probation warrant in lehigh county pennsylvania and was wondering if it will effect me gettin a drivers license here in brunswick county north carolina. My license isnt revoked or suspended in Pennsylvania i just want to know if NCDOT does background checks if they can refuse to give me a license or maybe even arrest me and extradite me back to pennsylvania. The warrant is a misdemeanor and i havevno idea if it is in ncic or not
Hi again. NCDMV does not do background checks BUT if you are currently licensed in PA and decide to now get a NC...
What happens if I do not complete ADETS in time?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DWI last February. I plead guilty and was sentenced to unsupervised prohibition, 24 hours of community service and 15 hours of ADETS. I completed my community service on time, however I have not completed ADETS. I received a notice that my license indefinitely extended on 1/19/17. I've paid for an assessment, but my ADETS won't be completed until mid March(past the time specified to complete it) What are the consequences to this? Will my license just be suspended until they receive a 508 form? Or will there be some fines or additional suspension?
Your license will remain suspended until NCDMV has received notice that you completed ADETS. You will then have to pay...
I have a DUI charge from 20+ years ago in Md. I live in NC. Can I have a lawyer represent me in court without being present ?
Typically yes but the attorney would certainly have to let you know. Here in NC you can enter a plea by waiver which...
What are my rights if I was involuntarily confined to a psychiatry facility after being arrested for DUI of an antidepressant?
My niece, a former police officer, and sister involuntarily committed me to a psychiatric institute while I was at the hospital for drug tests which showed only marijuana. I had a traffic court date the next morning (in which I have proof my brakes were corroded) and an appointment already to see my psychiatrist the week later to change medications for depression. I kept asking everyone why but got no answer. Never had I hurt anyone or myself and had no choice but to go. I was traumatized and continue to have nightmares, thinking I will never recover from this.
More information is needed - namely how long you were confined, the official reason for the confinement, and why your...
How can I get an underage dui and reckless driving tecket wiped clean?
I had been drinking at the beach and went to pick up a friend, I felt sober and after I picked him up I was driving to my Grama's house and got pulled over. I blew a .09, and I know its over the legal BAC level, I just have a high tolerance to alcohol, i.e I can drink a whole bottle of wine and only feel buzzed. They said I was going 80 in a 45, but I thought it was 45 and my speedometer is 10 off and I know for a fact it didnt even read 75. I need to get a lawyer that can definately wipe this clean for me. If it helps the cop was a complete butthole. MY SPEEDOMETER IS TEN OFF IF IT SAYS 50 I AM ACTUALLY GOING 40
You certainly need to automatically lower your expectations of simply getting the case dismissed. The reality is, you...