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I am 17 years old and am planning on going Intl the navy... but I missed this class and there is not another one anytime soon...I'm pretty scared about the whole situation... I need some advice on what to do next. BTW on my copy of the ticket it just says minor in possession of alcohol and the copy that I got at the courthouse said minor in possession of alcohol/ minor in consumption of alcohol... just wondering if that has any affect on anything.
The charge name doesn't have any effect. MIP/MIC are interchangeable and under the same statute. As for the alcohol...
My boyfriend was convicted of a DUI involving alcohol. Was fired by his employer for not reporting the conviction but the policy states "An employee convicted of violating a criminal drug statute must notify the Company's Human Resources Dept. no later than 5 days after such conviction.
No, an alcohol based DUI is not a "Drug" conviction. A Rx meds or illegal drug DUI conviction may be different in the...
I got a dui in 2007 and havnt gotten in trouble ever since is there a chance i still qualufy
Here is a great resource for you:
I was on vacation in CO and wrecked my motorcycle in my daughters driveway. I was taken to the hospital and keep overnight due to a skull fracture. I was not ticketed or charged with any crimes while there. After returning home I received a letter in the mail that indicated that I was guilty of DUI in the state of CO. A month or so later I then received a letter from my home state of WY indicating that they had received the record of my conviction of DUI from CO and were suspending my license from Aug 10, 2010 to Aug. 9, 2011 and that to drive my vehicle must have an ignition interlock device installed. It further stated that I may request a hearing before the Office of Admin. Hearings to contest this action. Do I have any grounds on which to fight this conviction? Please Advise.
Yes you can, but it has to be done correctly. You should fight it. You must request a hearing before the deadline.
Like I said above had DUI 25-27 years ago only had the permit when I got the second one - The law on the matter is here. It is section 522.081....
Received a DUI an hour after being home. Had been to bar earlier drinking got into a fight was punched three times in the head also hit head on the ground. Cops came no one was arrested. They apparently told me not to drive. Which I did later to get home. I have zero recollection of the fight or the cops coming. Zero recollection of being arrested or being told not to drive. It was three days later I even found out about the fight. My total lack of recall had me thinking my drink could have been spiked until I found out about the fight. I know I was drunk that night. But I'm always good about getting a cab/ride. I'm sure I suffered a concussion. I don't have BAC back yet. The police never saw me driving. A witness said she saw me drive across the parking lot and that was all.
There doesn't appear to be a question in your narrative.
this was my 2nd dui also I still owe a fine, will come get me?
Most likely not, but it will screw up your license.