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Is a DUI of alcohol conviction the same as a drug conviction?
My boyfriend was convicted of a DUI involving alcohol. Was fired by his employer for not reporting the conviction but the policy states "An employee convicted of violating a criminal drug statute must notify the Company's Human Resources Dept. no later than 5 days after such conviction.
No, an alcohol based DUI is not a "Drug" conviction. A Rx meds or illegal drug DUI conviction may be different in the...
Can I be convicted of DUI if I was not ticketed or arrested?
I was on vacation in CO and wrecked my motorcycle in my daughters driveway. I was taken to the hospital and keep overnight due to a skull fracture. I was not ticketed or charged with any crimes while there. After returning home I received a letter in the mail that indicated that I was guilty of DUI in the state of CO. A month or so later I then received a letter from my home state of WY indicating that they had received the record of my conviction of DUI from CO and were suspending my license from Aug 10, 2010 to Aug. 9, 2011 and that to drive my vehicle must have an ignition interlock device installed. It further stated that I may request a hearing before the Office of Admin. Hearings to contest this action. Do I have any grounds on which to fight this conviction? Please Advise.
Yes you can, but it has to be done correctly. You should fight it. You must request a hearing before the deadline.
Got court tomorrow how can I ask for dismissal, charged 2nd offense driving without interlock got Dmv proof never have done it ?
Got Dmv proof never been charged with that and it was in my company vehicle, self employed but have proof it's in my personal car as well. Was grandfathered into new dui law in first place last dui in 2010 a month away from getting it out they said changed law says lifetime interlock, really getting skewed around from the courts
I'm sorry to here about your frustrating situation. You should contact a DUI attorney to advise you of your rights. I...
My son was arrested for drunk in public. He as sitting in his car no key in the ignition, not bothering anyone when the police c
arrested him is this legal
I have changed the practice area to criminal defense to get you before the right type of attorney. Much more...
I have a DUI in WY that was dismissed after a deferred sentence after probation? Do I have to report that on FFA App Med Cert.
Do I have to disclose this on application?
This is not a criminal defense question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing question, and I cannot tell...
What will the consequences be for my daughter who recently received a MIP while on probation for a DUI
She received the DUI at age 17. She is now almost 20 and attends the University of Wyoming. She received the MIP outside a local establishment in Laramie, WY. She said the officer did not "test" her for alcohol, just smelled her breath. Unfortunately, she didn't tell us about the MIP till after she plead guilty last month.
If she got it before officially being convicted then there is no problem. If she got it after they could put her full...
When you are required to get random drug and alcohol testing for a DUI are they urine tests or are they breath tests?
There hasn't been a court date set, I plead not guilty waiting for a public defender to get into contact with me. I have never been in trouble before.
You need to speak to your attorney. Each case is different........