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Can I fight this charge?
I was involved in an accident where I was struck by another driver at 9:30pm while picking up my husband. I had a few drinks around 3pm that day. I was injured and they transported me to the hospital. No breathalyzer at the scene or hospital. I refused to let anyone put a needle in me for a couple hours. Then the cop came back with a warrant for my blood. They took their sample and the next day I went home. 2 days later I received a citation in the mail for ovwi with no bac results. On top of that they wrote up the accident report inaccurately and insurance is investigating it now. Should I obtain an attorney?
Of course you should obtain an attorney! You are asking a bunch of lawyers. Sometimes people think that because it...
How to prove the officer is lying
I was pulled over and took the breathalyzer, blew a .03 passed the field tests, but in the report the officer stated I blew a .141. I can't afford a lawyer so went to the public defenders office he said unfortunately there is nothing we can do. he also said it's unfortunate that was the officer that pulled me over because he's a known liar and I have to prove my innocence. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
You're still innocent until proven guilty. I'd agree that it's unfortunate that the officer is a liar, but that's why...
I am wondering if I can get a case dismissed if there is an error on the paperwork for the time the probable cause took place?
OWI and driving with PAC charge in WI. Time of incident was 02:09am. Probable cause was that I went over center line, ticket for this has time stamp of 05:04am, 3 hours after my arrest. First case was dismissed for no probable cause, DA has refiled.
The error is just that, an error. While it may create some issues, ultimately, the testimony of the police officer...
How do I expunge a DUI charge in Wisconsin. Advice towards success? Would my age aid my case?
I am a Minnesota resident who pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in Douglas County, Wisconsin in September of 2005. All fines have been paid and requirements met and I wish to seal/expunge this incident from my record. I have no convictions of any kind prior or since, and was under 21 (19) years of age when the crime was committed. I am wondering about how to proceed, financial costs and my odds of success. Any advice is sincerely appreciated.
By statute you cannot expunge OWI/DWI charge in Wisconsin.
Can I get my fine reduced for a first offense DUI in Wisconsin?
I'm 29yo with a clean record, and was arrested with a BAC of 0.11. Was pulled over for having a brake light out, cooperated completely, and spent the night in jail. Am facing a 6 month DL suspension and $691 in fines. Not a huge sum, I know, but in my present financial situation, even a small reduction would help a lot.
It may be possible, but this is a better question for an attorney in your area. You may have a good case to defend.......
If i live in WI and got a DUI in Mn, do I have to pay the $680.00 reinstatement fee for Mn, or is there a different price?
I have reinstated my license in WI, and I am not allowed to drive in MN until Feb 7th. Not sure if I have to pay a fee to drive or if I can just start driving.
You will not be legally able to drive in MN until you satisfy all of MN's reinstatement requirements.
Is ptsd not considered a defense in a dui?
I had a domestic 7 months ago. For 3 weeks after I had normal ptsd "like symptoms" [i.e. nightmares, anxiety, etc.] But then they went away and I haven't had any trouble since. Well 4 days ago, five hours after a tough session with my therapist I took his advice and socialized with friends for dinner, margaritas and watched the game. I felt fine but I made the foolish mistake of going to my friends apartment (the same apt. complex Where I lived during the domestic) thinking I had overcome my fear. WRONG. Long story short, I was having flashbacks while walking in, I could hear my ex and I fighting in my head and blacked out. Next thing I know, I "snapped into it" on the side of the highway, in my car, reaching for my registration, with a cop asking me if I knew where I was. I had no clue. I contacted my therapist the next day, saw him the day after, he agrees the ptsd got out of hand, the two drinks i had, shouldn't have had me blackout and I now realize this is a serious problem. I wont make the excuse of mental health for my dui, but could it help lessen my sentence if my therapist agrees to speak in court of my condition?
This is not a civil rights question. A diagnosed mental illness is not by itself a defense to any offense, especially a...