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Dui Refusal
I was charged for a refusal by DMV for not completing the breath test even if one of the blows on the print was .09 On the other hand the DA is only charging me for dui with BAC of .09 when Title 17 was not even followed. Can you suppress that .09? and if they decide to bring up the refusal can you challenge that the .09 reading proofs that the test took place? even if the officer aborted the breath test too early just so he can do a blood test instead and subject refused due to abnormal bleeding? Police officer entered the wrong time into the alcotest 9510 as the starting point of the observation but at that time we hadnt arrived to the station yet. Btw I have the police station videos as proof of all these discrepances. Pls Advice. Thank you.
Title 17 is not applicable in the court; it is only applicable in an administrative hearing such as a DUI admin per se...
I was stopped of a suspected DUI with BAC blood 0.085.What are the chances of getting it dismissed assuming it was legal stop???
The police officer has also charged with of delaying an officer because I failed to stop right away. I pulled over as soon as I heard the siren , and the distance between the lights and siren was turned on and the stop is less than 0.1 mile (500 feet). What are my options in fighting this?
It's unlikely the Santa Clara District Attorney's office will not file or dismiss it, but they may well be willing to...
Lost dmv administrative hearing
I want to have an administrative review because I lost my dmv hearing but when I called dmv they told me I can not present any more evidence. I dont know if the clerk that answered the phone knew the rules. This new evidence is very important because the dmv officer missed it at the hearing and I suspect she missed it on purpose to rule against me. This evidence can make or break this case. I heard from lawyers that in some instances you can still present new exculpatory evidence. By the way I am also filing at the same time a writ of mandate to set aside the driver licence suspension with the superior court because I'm am suspecting capricious conduct from the first dmv hearing.
No new evidence at the admin review hearing. DMV has discretion to reopen for additional evidence so make that request....
How to start the process of removing DUI from background check in California? (criminal record/driving record)
What is the process including the first step to take for applying for possible expungement? I just want to be able to apply for jobs without having the DUI appear. OFFENSE: 2012 I have completed all required court obligations; money, work program, probation -2015
You don't. What you seek cannot be done.
End of probation
I had a DUI in 2011 and court gave me 3 yrs of informal probation and the three year period is complete by today.I would like to know if i need to get anything from court kind of like document or something like that.
You should have a final sentencing docket from 2011 that lists the three years of informal probation. Assuming you...
Driving children to and from school on restricted license
I was given my restricted license for a DUI, I am a single mom and there are no buses available to take my young children to school. The schools are on the same path as going to and from my work. My attorney said that it would be something to fight in court if I was pulled over as this has been my job every day for 10 1/2 years going to school to work and back to school and than home. What are your thoughts on driving my kids to school? There is no other transportation available. Also, if I was caught what happens to my restricted license and what should I say to the officer if I was pulled over?
There is cases law on restricted licenses that indicates so long as it is not too far off of the beaten path between...
How long can I expect my friend to be away immediately following 2nd DUI arrest
Friend was arrested yesterday afternoon. So I assume he'll be in front of a judge today. If he pleads 'no contest' or 'guilty' will he serve the mansatory time (I believe it's 4 days) immediately? Or will he be allowed to go home and then sentences at a later date?
Your friend can post bail and be released immediately. You should contact a bail bondsman in your area. An arrested...