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DWI in Queens, NY
Can a DWI charge be lowered to disorderly conduct?I have read and heard both yes and no. I blew over .01 (0.9) at a precinct after arrested at check point and cannot afford to get even a dwai b/c it will affect my license and future career. What are my chances if I go to trial for dismissal?
It is up to the DA what to offer. Your chances at trial depend on how good your lawyer is, how you look on the video,...
Can I still get my NYC drivers license with 4 DWI's on my record. After I pay all my fines?
I have 4 DWI's 2 are non-violent misdemeanor And two are non-violent D-felonies I have all 4 states f them within the 10yrs period I want to get my license back What are my chances. Can I still get it?
Contact NY DMV to see if you're eligible for a license.
Am trying to get a tlc license but am a little bit skeptical about it since I was arrested 3 years ago for a misdemeanor charge.
I was arrest and served 5 days community service and 1 year probation. Can I still qualify for the license? In New York
You can do 1 of 2 things - retain counsel to review the licensing requirements and your background to see if you are...
Can geico counter sue me if they find out I was drunk from my medical records?
I got into a car accident no one was injured besides myself and my car. The police showed up and didn't give me a breathalyzer. The police report doesn't mention anything about me being "drunk" however the hospital records indicate they took my blood and it was a .123 my question is if I sue my Insudance for uninsured driver since I got hit and the car ran, can they counter sue me for my hospital bills / car if they find out I was drunk?
I suggest you contact an Avvo personal injury attorney ASAP before it is too late.
Are desk appearance tickets given for aggravated reckless driving or if one of the charges is dwi or aggravated dwi?
Pulled over breathalyzed and arrested in queens. Somewhat quickly was given a desk appearance ticket so did not see a judge. I know how serious this is and extremely stressed and disappointed in my actions.
It is rare for a DAT to be given for DWI in New York City. Usually a person stopped for DWI in the city, unless...
Is there a way to know if charged with dui? Dwui? I did use the bathroom, can this be used for urine test?
Was arrested and given a desk appearance ticket and worried about additional charges since there is only a top charge listed. I was allowed to drive my car home about an hour or two after arrest. Top charge listed is reckless driving. Arraignment is many weeks away.
As the date approaches the DA will draft a criminal complaint and file it with the court. It will be given a docket...
Will my dui show up in my background check and prevent me from getting a civil service job?
Three years ago I was charged with a misdemeanor dui. I am taking a civil service exam soon to be a court interpreter in New York. If I pass they will conduct a background check.
If you were convicted of dui or DWAI ot will show up.