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What does it mean district attorney files motiom to review condtions of release?
Currently out on medical furlough. For possession of controlled substane & paraphnila. Recently failed drug test. There is still a pending court date.
Means you are short of getting revoked ask your FREE or hired Defense attorney. You know the terms of you probation...
I was asked to voluntarily take a drug test by cps,at the time and now I'm not afraid to take it. Should I?
This happened because my wife was reported to God for looking drugged up,when cps came to my house,they did their interview with my wife. They asked her for a drug test,but before she could take it,she was arrested and placed in jail. Cps of course dug into why she was arrested and found out she tested positive for meth. She got arrested and tested by her probation officer. So they called me and asked me if i would volunteer for a drug test,I asked them why should I have to take one of the complaint wasn't made against me. They also want to drug test my two daughter's,which I told them I would have to sit down and discuss it with them. My daughter's refused,and I'm waiting on a call to set up a drug test. But after talking to a few friends and attorney,they all said I didn't have to take the test. I have nothing to hide,but I am on pain meds due to a back injury,I don't want or need them to pull some sneaky stuff and take my daughter's away,because I know they are like vultures circling and waiting for the carcass. Should I tell them to go f themselves or take the test? My girls are both honor roll students and have perfect attendance,great hygeine,and well liked at school.
Looks like you have your answer take it or not if they remove the children have that attorney defend you in Court.
If I got a misdemeanor theft charge back in Dallas in 2012 but got it dismissed in the same year would it affect my hiring in nm
Got caught with friends but plead no contest and got it dismissed also ..I got hired at convergys call center passed the drug test just waiting on Texas result of background test
It could negatively affect your hiring. With the dismissal, you may be eligible for an expunction or non-disclosure...
How do I fight DUI charges in another state?
I was in California visiting family. On my way back to new mexico I was pulled over in Blythe CA because my lisence plate lights were out. The officer mentioned my eyes looking glossy. I explained I had been driving all day and it was 10 at night, I was getting a lil sleepy. The officer had me get out of the car asked if ive been drinking or under the influence of drugs. I dont drink alcohol and I wasnt under the influence of any drugs. I completed all DUI tests and I blew a 0 in the machine. The police officer arressted me for DUI. At the police station he stated I had to give a blood sample so I did. I was released 6 hours later and told I have to appear in court in November. I live in New Mexico and I cannot afford to go to court in California for this and I was not driving under the influence. What do I do?
Hire an attorney who works in that district. Many times, we can avoid clients having to come back to the state where...
Will I be charged for my 1st or 2nd DWI?
Hello, when I was 19 years old I was pulled over and arrested for a DWI, I blew a .08. In court the judge found me not guilty because the officer who pulled me over did not have probable cause to stop me, I was not speeding or swerving and there were no people or cars around that I had put in danger. Now I am 22 , I was pulled over for a DWI And I blew a .11. It's a normal DWI, I'm wondering if this would be my first or second DWI and also can the judge bring up the DWI when I was 19?
Here's the scoop... 1) You deserve to be treated as a repeat offender because even though you skated the first time...
I won my dwi dmv case, but got a deferred judgement for six months in court with a dismissed charge if complete my conditions.
In the conditions I have to have the interlock in the car for six months, I had the interlock installed and I went to my interlock license dmv is not showing that I have to have an interlock license. Since I won the dmv hearing do I need to have the license? The court will not file until the end of my probation stating that it was dismissed. Can the dmv come back and force me to have the interlock again after they receive the dismissal?
If the conditions say you have to have an IID then you have to have an IID.
If my DMV record shows a dismissed criminal record, how do I get it removed?
I was arrested and charged with a DUI in sept 2011. I received a deferred sentence in magistrate court in Jan 2012 and a dismissal in DMV court (officer failed to appear). The case was dismissed 5.5 months later, but I was forced to wait until Jan 2013 to receive my full license back. My driving record (that the insurance companies can see) still shows that there is a DUI in magistrate court, but a court records search does not show this. What are my options to have this incorrect record removed? My offered insurance rate is extremely high because of this.
Unfortunately pleading guilty to DUI and getting a deferred sentence with dismissal after meeting all conditions is...