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How many days out of a 36 day sentence would I most likely do?
I've been charged with driving on a suspended license and they sentenced me to 36 days. I am currently 8 months pregnant and need to turn myself in 5 days from now.
You would do 18 days. In reality there's a good chance, once you tell the jailors of your condition that they'll book...
How much would the fine be to pay off 11 days of community labor for a Dui mesdemeanor
I caught my Dui case about a year ago and haven't finished my community hours because of schooling and searching for a I would like to just pay the fine in default of the community labor
Assuming that would be an option, and that the court would allow such a conversion, it's $30 per day. So 11 days equals...
Can I move from Texas to California after being arrested for a DUI?
I was recently arrested in California for a DUI and I am moving back to Texas in a matter of two months. I blew a BAC of .14 but passed all the field sobriety tests and was only initially pulled over because my registration was out. I want to know if its suggested to get an attorney and if it is possible for the punishment( comm. service, DUI classes etc) to be completed in Texas. I am also applying for graduate programs soon and want to know if that will affect that, and if so should I look into having my record expunged? With me moving would I still be required to have the Ignition Interlock device placed in my vehicle??
Yes, it is highly suggested you obtain an attorney, especially if you are moving soon. You can use Avvo's Find a Lawyer...
Do I need to turn in any paperwork when my probation is over?
I got probation for driving without a valid license. I never got a probation officer since it wasn't necessary. My probation was for 24 months which is supposed to end this month. Do I need to take any kind of paperwork to court or should just assume that they closed my probation? I want to mention that I didn't have any problems during my probation.
No. Congrats. You are done. You may, however, want to confirm that the court sees things the same way as you do by...
I caused an accident while driving without a license.
A few months ago I caused an accident while driving with no license in my possession. I got a ticket and went to court, and they gave me a fine of $844 (as a total) . The sentencing memorandum also marks IMPOSITION OF SENTENCE IS SUSPENDED (For a period of 36 months) and specifies Do Not Drive Without a Valid Driver's License In Your Possession or Without Liability Insurance In At Least The Minimum Amount Required By Law. Someone could be so gentle to explain me the part of the ISS for 36 months? If I get a valid license (from my country since I'm a tourist) , am I allowed to drive with it?
It means they placed you on informal or misdemeanor probation. You would not have a probation officer, but those are...
I have a dui in california but i m moving to reno nevada and i need to know how to transfer the case
already been to court and got three months classes but if i stay incalifornia im homeless and the only shot i have for myself is a job in reno
It usually depends on the judge, but most judges don't have a problem converting the class to a different state. At...
Will DUI affect my citizenship?
I have lived in US for 22 years. I want to apply for the US citizenship. However, 15 years ago, I caused traffic accident and there was no injury; besides, there was a small amount of drug found in my car. I joined the program for the first offender. In my case, will DUI affect my citizenship application?
Assuming you were only convicted of a DUI and no other charges relating to drugs, a DUI from 15yrs ago should not...