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Is it possible to file a motion to have a driver's license reinstated early? I am not eligible for an occupational.
I am 2 years into my revocation and I still have a little over a year left. The lack of occupational makes it hard for me to get around.
No. The courts do not have that authority in WI.
What can I do with a DUI attorney who is treating me in a condescending way and asking me if I am incompetent?
I hired a DUI lawyer so I can be kept well informed of my case. I don't understand legal jargon hire of a private attorney. I have asked several times if my next hearing could result in me going to jail and never got an answer I truly understood. Finally it came back to me that I will know WELL IN ADVANCE if this is the case. I was never told this before and the attn. becomes irritated when I ask. I went with a private attorney because I do not understand the legality realm and jargon (thinking I will be kept apprised). . I was told NO - I will be notified well in advance, but I was never told this. Now my competency is being questions in a condescending way, then told I will be taken off my own defense if the attorney deems necessary. My gosh, I paid the money so I would be kept apprise
You need to have a talk with your attorney. He is supposed to give you all the information and keep you up to date. As...
Is dui with minors in the car CIMT?
I got Owi with minors in car. I wanted to know if that is CIMT.
This question should be directed towards immigration attorneys, rather than criminal defense/ DUI defense attorneys.
I have been charged with a 4th oui felony in wisconsin. if I moved to another state would WI look for me or have me extradited
could I work in another state having to give my ss number? could I be found through my job or apprtment lease or home purchase/mortgage? Court date is in February, 2013. What would be the state least likely to try to arrest me or extradite me? I can move anywhere to another state. would I be able to fly on any airline without being found/arrested? thank you
Yes they will arrest and extradite on a felony warrant. No, you can't lawfully do any of the above to evade prosecution,...
What is the maximun length of time for an interlock device court ordered can be in wisconsin.
i have a felony u with bodily injury and minor in car. got 6 months jail with 4 yrs probation and 4 yrs occupational license with interlock for 4 yrs. first offense. the interloc companies are saying 3 yrs is max in wisconsin.
I am assuming a conviction under 346.63(2) Have you asked your lawyer about this? Under Chapter 346, The maximum...
Can i appeal a jugement of conviction on a dui case in wisconsin, dane county?
i was convicted of bodily injury with a minor in vehilce for first offecnse dui. i also got nelegent driving misdemeanor. the dui was a class u felony. probation was 4 years revoked license for 4 yrs and six months confinement for dui and 3 months confinement for misdemeanor. i feel that since both convictions came from same incident that i should be charged as first offense. max revokation is 9 months and probation is 3 yrs for one felony and first offense. per act 100 and 973 statues.
Dear ?, You are entitled to an appeal. Whether it could be successful, I could not say until I had examined...
I had a felony client years ago who was able to transfer his parole to the Virgin Islands a few years ago, so this may...