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How can I withdraw a misdemeanor guilty plea on one offense 14601.2
I plead guilty to a second dui, one charge was driving on a suspended license. My license had been fully reinstated in 2014. But I've been charged with vc 14601. 2 I undetstand my license does immediately became suspended due to it being my second dui but at the time of arrest it was not suspended.why am I being charge for that
Driving on a suspended license are factually intensive cases. Your license can be suspended for any number of reasons...
What does the restriction code 08 mean on my paper license?
I recently got my license back after having it suspended for 6 months due to a DUI. I went to the dmv and got a temporary license and it says restriction 08 and to see the back but there is nothing on the back. Could it be a mistake or is there a restriction on my license and what is it?
Setting aside all the complications that DUI sentence has on licensing like the interlock device, DMV classifies a...
What can I do if my ex was charged with a dui and had her license taken away and she still drives our kids around?
She received the dui and had her license taken. I then got pictures of her driving with alcohol in the car and our 7 year old in the front seat with no car seat. I got it ordered through our custody that she is not to drive them until she has a license, insurance and registration. Recently upon picking the kids up from her, the kids told me she made them lie about her driving them to the beach and about our 7 year old being in a car seat. I feel as though she is being irresponsible with our kids over and over again.
This was listed with DUI when it's clearly a family law matter. Consider consulting with a family law attorney.
If I was arrested for dui but never convicted, does that count as incarceration for purposes of a certificate of rehabilitation?
just as above
What does the application ask? Full disclosure is in your best interest and you should speak with an attorney.
I got a DUI last September in Orange County , ca.. Since, I have not made payments or DUI classes.. Can I be reinstated ?
2 months after the DUI , I had to move back to riverside county... I know I need to go back into court to get reinstated.. Can this be done without any jail time?
It depends. You should speak with a local attorney.
Chances of getting DUI dismissed at arraingment after having DMV set aside/reinstatement order?
I was pulled over because I was riding over into the side barrier (which was paved and had no lights). I denied to officer of having any drinks and explained to him that I was fatigued. I preformed the tests which I don't believe I preformed well and was asked to take a breathalyzer. I refused and requested a blood test. The officer tried to bully me into taking breathalyzer but I continued to argue that I didn't trust that it was calibrated properly. I was arrested and given a blood test. I requested a DMV hearing within the 10 days and was told by DMV that hearing would be postponed until blood results came in. I received a set aside/reinstatement order without hearing, does that mean BAC was below? Should I do the arraignment w/o lawyer ? Chances of getting DUI dismissed?
If the DMV set aside the case without a hearing, it usually means that the BAC level was below the .08% limit. While...
Me = PC 69 & intoxicated in public? & Husband = PC 148 & Intoxicated in public?
I was charged with a PC 69. I've never been in trouble & have absolutely no criminal background. What is the usual outcome in this situation? My husband was arrested on the PC 148 charge & intoxicated in public but he is on probation from a previous DUI a year ago in a different county. He's completed all required classes & paid all fines. How will this arrest affect him also?
Let's talk seriously for a moment. Call a lawyer. Make an appointment. Sit down and talk with the lawyer. There...