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I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I passed out in the car while driving. I pleaded not guilty.
After I passed out while driving I hit another vehicle in front of me. When I came to I did not know what had happened. I was taken to the hospital via ambulance. After being in the hospital for 2 and a half days and going through many different tests I had passed out four more times while in the hospital. The end result the Drs said I needed a Pace Maker. I had the Pace Maker installed and I have not had any more passing out spells. Because of this medical problem that has been rectified I do not feel I was responsible because it was out of my control.
You did not say what you have been charged with. You need to meet with an attorney and bring your court documents. A...
DUI Suspension?
Next month I serve a 90 suspension but was told I could get a work permit after 30 days? I've called DMV multiple times but what do I have to do to get a work permit after 30 days?
MVD determines whether you qualify for restricted license based on your driving record. Usually they will let you know...
Charged with DUI in AZ under 28-1381.
Can i plead to attempted DUI?
Attempted DUI? That's a new one on me! I don't think that will work, but Arizona may have different laws than the...
I have DUI Court fees that were not paid! I have a warrant now what can I do??
had a DUI back in Arizona on 2/11/2012, now apparently I have a non paid court fee from West Mesa Courts and it has resolved in a warrant and suspension of my license. Can I pay the warrant myself? West Mesa Courts are asking me to walk in and speak with the Judge for permission to squash the warrant, is this a good idea to handled it myself?
It is hardly ever a good idea for people to do criminal things yourself. In addition, you do not pay the warrant, you...
Can i get a dui while parked in car with engine of and if so should i fight it
Drove to az from ill to take care of personal stuff.i work and i sleep in my car cause of my situation.recently was parked in residential neighborhood and engine was off.i planned on sleeping till was around 9:30 pm.cop came and ended up giving me an extreme dui .did not drive at all after drinking.any advice???
I recommend hiring an attorney immediately. The short answer is that in AZ you can be charged with DUI if you are in "...
After 2 DUIs in California, if I file the 1650 packet/form 4007 with CA DMV will Arizona MVD require an interlock device?
I was convicted of 2 DUIs in CA in 2015. My mandatory 2-yr license suspension ends in Nov. of this year, however I have not done the CA DMV required 18-mo. multiple offender program because I have been living in AZ. After paying who appeared to be the most experienced lawyer in my CA county $3500, I was told he had no idea how/when I would get my license back, but to keep in touch and let him know how it all worked out (ha ha). On my own, I found that I can file the 1650 packet/form 4007 with the CA DMV, and I called the CA DMV and was told I am eligible to file said packet in Nov. 2017. I understand the packet removes the "hold" or suspension on my license so that I should be able to obtain an AZ license. At this point I have not obtained an AZ ID because I don't want them to mark my license as suspended for DUI when they pull my record. I can't imagine they wouldn't see that I had DUIs on my record even after the 1650 packet, and since I didn't complete the CA requirements for a program, I am afraid they would force me to get an IID/mark my lic. as suspended anyway. Does anyone HAVE EXPERIENCE with 1650 packets and how AZ MVD reacts to them? Will I need an IID?
I frequently deal with interstate suspension issues. Years ago (prior to the internet) many times different states...
What happens on a first dui offense?
I got pulled over Friday night and got a ticket for a dui and my car towed. However it's my very first time ever getting a dui and I'm scared and nervous about my court date. I'm a single mother, I'm almost done with school and I have a good job. I can't do jail time and I'm most certain this will never happen again. What do I need to be aware of or prepare for basically?
If you do not hire an attorney, the first court date will be an arraignment. The Judge will tell you the maximum and...