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My husband's license has been suspended in SC where we live because they were notified of "suspension and violations" in TN, where we have never been nor lived. We have contacted the TN DMV numerous times and faxed in all the paperwork they have requested 7 times now and everytime we call to get a status update, they tell us we need to fax the paperwork again. We have a relative her that works at our local dmv that says this process would take someone a total of 10 minutes to clear up. This has been going on for months. Is there anything we can do as far as suing the State of Tennessee DMV? My husband commutes to his job an hour each way every day. If he gets pulled over, he could get fined or go to jail. Surely this is illegal.
We actually have a client with a similar issue. It would be extremely hard to successfully sue a government agency...
When I went to court, the officer asked that the DUI be thrown out, and the judge complied. There is a BAC conviction on my record still, although the DUI was dropped. The DMV appparently has tried and convicted me of blood alcohol.I can not find employment because of this. Is there any way to get the BAC off my record due to the fact that I wasnt allowed the due process of defense in a court system that America allows everyone else?
It is common for officer's to dismiss the DUI, in exchange for a plea of guilty to DUAC. In that case, you would have...
i need a twic card for work
Perhaps we can help you, what is a twic card?
I was convicted in 2005 for DUI. I took the class, payed all fines, had my license suspended for 2 years, now the DMV is punishing me again. I received a notice for suspension in the mail. I was told to hand over my drivers license and they claim they have nothing in their system stating that my license was suspended for 2 years. I have been driving all these years with no problems, now I have no license. I don't know what to do except file for a hearing, but the results may be biased, causing me more money and still no license for 6 months.
Hello there, You need to hire an attorney that specializes in administrative license suspension hearings and contest...
I ended up getting caught in a road block after a 12 hour shift, I went to go pick up my son and after I got him I had to pick up my wife. The cop that told me to get out of the car because my eyes were red that's what he said at least gave me the test after i told him about my foot condition. I believe the footage would prove to my wife at least that i was not intoxicated because i recently found out that being tired and driving is the same as being drunk and driving. If its not to late I would love to reopen this case because my license is my way of living Thank you hope to hear from someone soon
I don't think scientific studies bear out the fact that drunk driving and tired driving are exactly the same. So,...
I have had two DUI's in the state of SC. The first was in 2005 and the second just recently in 2014 (9 yrs). When I was pulled over for the 2nd DUI the officer said if I took the breathalyzer, he would only charge me with a DUI 1st instead of DUI 2nd. So I blew and it was a 0.10. I had a bench trial and went to court. At the court date, the charge was a DUI 1st offense and I received a fine of $400.00, ADSAP class attendance, and SR22 insurance. I got a letter in the mail stating that my license was suspended for a year and after the suspension I would need to have an Ignition Interlock system installed in my car. Neither the suspension or the Ignition interlock was mentioned at the court date, and my charge is still a DUI 1st offense. Can they change it after the bench trial?
The court addressed the direct criminal consequences of the offense. The license suspension is an administrative...
In south Carolina, it seems that there was an arrest made but charges were never filed. How can one go 15 years and never had this pop up until recently, there had been several background checks made in those 15 years. What can be done to get this removed/resolved? How does one handle an issue such as this?
If the warrant is legitimate then it will need to be vacated by the issuing Court. Administrative errors in lodging...