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Can my 33 year old son be charged with DUI Other without having a drug screen taken?
My son was arrested for DUI/careless driving. He was stopped at a stop sign and when turning, a police officer who drove by said he swerved while turning. He was taken to the police department and given a breath test 3 times and all results were .5. While at the police office, 4 police officers were questioning him and asked him if he took any kind of medication and what it is. He told them yes and what it is because he thought he had to since they were police officers. My son is now on disability because of a calcified spine and other severe spine problems, and also, under psychiatric care for extreme anxiety and bi-polar. He did not take any meds before going out, and the guidelines say, "do not take until it is known whether or not it will impair the ability to operate machinery." He was not given a drug test, but an officer called us after his release and said his ticket was changed from dui/careless driving to dui-other because of what he told them about the meds he takes and that he loses his license for 90 days. Is this legal, or grounds for dismissal of the charge? He has no arrests in the past 5 years minimum.
Yes, he can be and apparently has been, charged. Being convicted, on the other hand, is altogether a different issue....
My husband got a dui citation to go to court on 2/20/13; he swerved to hit a deer; he is only on pain meds and was charged w/dui
help me to know what to expect in court; figured we would get copy of pain meds at drug store; thanks for the help please!
Under Mississippi law, he can be charged with DUI even if those medications are prescribed by a physician if the...
Will I be able to not be charged with a dui other?
I recently went through a roadblock and the officer said he smelt marijuana. He asked if I had smoked lately and I said I had atleast 5 hours before. He searched my car and didn't find any marijuana Bc I didn't have any but did find an ecstasy pill. I wasn't given any kind of field test or a blood or urine test for the dui but was still written up for it. I know I have a possession of controlled substance for sure but I am confused as to how I can be given a dui other if there is not really any evidence to that besides that I said I had 5+ hours before and I don't believe I was under the influence anymore at the time
The officer will likely testify to "a strong smell of marijuana" coming from your car, and that he observed signs of...
Will I ever be able to hunt again with a felony dui chatge?
I have recently been charge with felony dui, i was wondering if i was able to hunt again.
If you are convicted of a felony, you will lose your gun rights. It is possible to get your rights back if you stay...
What is dui plus other ticket classification?
My daughter got tickets for dui, dui plus other, careless driving all at one time. Had another passenger in car who was beating her up and she wrecked the car, he ran off before police arrived left needles in the car under her seat. Police never looked for him. My daughter was transported to hospital from injuries where he was hitting her in the head and face, car wasn’t hurt just stuck in ditch. Hospital I’m sure done a drug test but no court order that we are aware of at the time (while she was in hospital for several hours) to see if she was impaired. She was released to coustody of police and placed in jail for a few hours, was released to me. She has had a plea hearing and court is set for Jan 2018. The arresting officer no longer works for county police anymore. Is a lawyer needed?
You should get an attorney or at the very least talk to one. It is very possible that you may have a case.
4 DUI.s in Florida in less than a year. Now 4th in Biloxi miss. How much time will I do
4 DUI.s in Florida. In the pass 3 years. Now 4th in Mississippi. How much time I'm looking at.
Between 1 to 3 years if you do not successfully win your case. You should immediately hire an attorney.
My best friend has a DUI other, careless driving, & possession does she need to hire attorney?
My best friend got charged with careless driving, possession, & DUI other. She had a guy riding with her the day that this happened. The passenger was beating her in the head & the face while she was driving until she wrecked her car by hitting a ditch. She gets out of the car to run from the passenger that was beating her. When she sees the passenger run away before police show up she goes back close to her car to wait on cops. Cops get there & she tells them what happened & they don't worry about looking for him. The cops transport her to the hospital to get checked out from the beating up side her head that the guy does. They don't a drug test on her at the hospital also. She got arrested by an officer that is no longer on the police force. She has done been for her plea hearing. Will she need to have a attorney when she goes back cause the judge told her she didn't have to worry about one for some reason
Your friend should contact an attorney to properly assessed whether or not your friend should hire an attorney.