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How much is ur first DUI ticket?
I read its only $400 dollars but my ticket is $2267 dollars
I am not licensed in South Carolina, but that could be very consistent. A $400 fine, but then with court penalties and...
Is the pick & blue paper the same form to carry after u get arrested for a DUI and lose ur license? Can I drive still
I receive a blue paper for my suspended license not pick can I drive until I can go to the dmv
I am not licensed to practice in South Carolina, but the paper itself should advise you if you must contact the DMV...
Can Highway Patrol Officer arrest an Sheriff for DUI and Hit and run? From what we are hearing only a coroner can a federal ag
Can Highway Patrol Officer arrest an Sheriff for DUI and Hit and run? From what we are hearing only a coroner can a federal agent. Is this true in the State of SC? Highway patrol made the arrest and Judge says it may have been an illegal arrest? Sheriff Failed sobriety test and denied breathalyzer.
I don't have all the facts, but It sounds like a magistrate may have misinterpreted a statute (SC code 23-15-120). The...
What is the difference between an underage and purchase of alcohol by a minor?
I did not purchase alcohol, did not transport alcohol, i did consume alcohol. I was given a Portable PBT test but not a breathalizer test. I was told that a PBT is not enough to get a conviction of an underage, but does the same go for a purchase of alcohol by a minor charge? I was going to plead not Guilty, but now that its a purchase of alcohol by a minor charge I'm curious as to whether or not that same loop whole would still be helpful in trying to fight this case.
Underage buying and underage consumption of alcohol are 2 different things.
Dui in South Carolina and moving to Colorado?
I've received a dui in South Carolina and have plans to move to Colorado in a few months . I've already began my asap program and will complete it . I can get a provisional license in the state of SC , will this transfer to Co ?
You can contact the Colorado Division of Vehicles directly. Here is a link:
2 year old DUI charge still pending, Prosecutor makes a date then cancels I have a possible lawsuit?
In the summer of 2010 I was downtown charleston on my motorcycle. At a stoplight i saw some cops sitting on the corner of the block, I passed them when lite turned green and proceeded to park my bike in front of a bar literally a block down. 10 mins later I'm told a cop is outside by my bike. I go out to see what his deal is and he says "I heard you revving your enging when you passed me" (the same cops at the corner) so he asks for my papers and stuff, they check out, then he asks if i'd take a FS test. Thinking I could pass it I said okay. Halfway thru it I ask if we could get away from the crowd because they were making me nervous he says no, and so on the last part of the test I quit and got arrested for DUI. I think it should have been public drunk. case is still pending.
Answering your basic question, you do not have a lawsuit, you are a defendant in a criminal case. You do have a right...
Can I be charged with a DUI after the fact?
I recently fell asleep on my way home at around 3am and hit a telephone pole across from my apartment. I did considerable damage to my truck and blacked out. When I became conscious again I was in my apartment and the police were there. Apparently I had parked the vehicle and asked a neighbor to call for an ambulance. The police officer said that since I was slurring my speech he thought I may have been drinking, and arrested me for leaving the scene of an accident. Could I still be charged with a DUI under his "suspicion?
Yes, if there is probable cause to believe that you were operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. If...