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A car ran me off the road and i was in the ditch in need of medical assistance. The cop found a grinder and bong in my car, but i haven't smoked in a while. I was going to take it to rid of the items, but unfortunately ran off the road by another vehicle. Once they found the items they did not ask about the other car for the pup traitor.
You retain a local criminal lawyer to fight the charges.
I was arrested for a DUI in Lawrenceburg, TN. Passed field sobriety tests, and refused blood test because I am a commercial driver and it would show up on my work insurance and could result in me getting fired. I was pulled over for "yielding and then merging." The officer never asked me to take a breathalyzer. Can you give me some advice on where to go from here? Should I have an attorney?
You need an attorney ASAP. You could lose your commercial DL if convicted. Were you in your rig? I am a former...
I was arrested for a DUI in Lawrenceburg. Passed field sobriety tests, and refused blood test because I am a commercial driver
It can be due to relationships with the local District Attorneys and Judges. There are plenty of skilled attorneys in...
No prior record or hx, one time only, have family support. What's the possible fine/ sentence? Lawrenceburg, TN
You're facing felony charges and should contact a lawyer in your area as soon as you can. You should also know that a...
Previous DUI reduction was in Nashville, current DUI was in Tullahoma. I did not consent to the test for the first charge from 8 years ago and did not consent to the blood test this time either, however the officer obtained a warrant and blood was drawn. I performed the standard 3 roadside tests and the officer even said that obviously you are not slurring your words or falling down drunk but I believe you may be over the legal limit. The blood test will likely show that I was over the limit and there is a possibility that another substance may show up as well. My goal is just to retain my driving priviledges as i am pharma rep and drive for my job. If i obtain a very good DUI lawyer what are my chances of possibly being lucky enough to get another reckless plea. Any advice greatly appreci
Yes and no. The good thing about the prior reduction is that the current DUI cannot be classified as a DUI 2nd Offense,...
Was arrested for DUI in TN and refused chemical test although the officer obtained a warrant and I had to take one anyway. I feel that the results will show that I was over the legal limit and my also show another chemical in my system as well. I was told the blood test could take 4-6 months to come back and was wondering if it was possible with a good DUI attorney to plea down to a lesser charge such as reckless driving before the results of the test come back.
Yes. When I was a prosecutor, I would routinely plea cases before the blood was back. Will a DA do so with a prior...
I have 2 guilty DUI's they revoked my license and put me on probation. I have sense been arrested twice for driving on revoked my court date for both offenses are on the same day. I am also suppose to have a interlock system in my car and I didn't have that both times I was caught driving. What can I expect to happen at my court date ?? Will I do jail time?
It is a mandatory 48 hours in jail if your caught driving on a revoked license as a result of a dui conviction. A...