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When will the state dismiss a DUI due to the longevity of the case?
I was charged with a DUI in 04/2015. My blood results came back with Morphine in my system. That being said, I have come into new information that many females were drugged with GHB that night so I have requested that the state test my blood again. It has now been almost 3 years so at what point will the state just dismiss if this takes too long?
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What to expect at DMV hearing for multiple dui?
8/30/15 first DUI offense (level 5) and another DUI offense 11/14/15 it was considered a level 5 due to court not seeing first DUI. My conviction date for the second one was 4/27/16. I’m eligible for a hearing next April and I have paid all court fees and fine and completed all required assessments and classes. 24 hours community service for each DUI and 20 hours alcohol assessment for each DUI also. I’m going to hire an attorney for my hearing but prior to speaking with one in person, what should I expect? I occasionally have a drink. Have never been behind the wheel since license was revoked, do not ride with people who have even had one drink, always Uber and I don’t consume any drugs. What are the chances that license will Be reinstated? I’m aware that I will have to obtain an interlock device and I am fine with that. Just curious as to how this experience plays out. I’m Fortunate enough to have an outstanding father who helps out whenever he can to give me ride to and from work. What are the DMV officers looking for?
Do not go into such a significant ordeal without an attorney. I have observed some DMV hearings go favorable and...
What do I do if a drunk driver hit my parked car and the police officer never asked or gave them a breathalyzer test?
Midnight while I was sleep in my home a young man partying at a house 3 house up the street from mine left the party and hit my car. My mother woke me up out of my sleep and told me some one hit my car, I went out to see and the whole front end of my bmw was torn off. The person who hit the car was still there and apologizing he was obviously drunk and even admitted to it several times and just knew he was going to jail. We exchanged insurance information and the police was called out, so it took them a hour and a half to arrive. When the officer did show up we talked I told him it was my car that got hit etc he asked me for my registration I went to retrieve it. When I came back he had already talked to the other driver he came over to me to hand me a card with a case number and that was it. I noticed that the insurance card he gave the officer was different then the one he showed me and also the card the officer was shown was expired. The officer never gave the young man a breathalyzer test or ask for a field sobriety test its crazy because any one talking to the young man would know he had been drinking.
At this point, all you can do is sue the guy who hit your car. Best of luck!
I have a level 5 DWI conviction with a suspended license for one year. Am I eligible to receive a pistol purchase permit in NC?
The DWI in question was a level 5 DWI with several mitigating factors and zero aggravating factors. I am located in Davidson county, NC and would like to apply for a pistol purchase permit while my driver's license is suspended. I do have an NC Real ID issued by NCDMV.
DWI is a misdemeanor, so it does not have any impact on your ability to possess a firearm. Pistol permits are issued...
DUI , extension and travelling
DUI on 21st october 2016, case still pending noy convicted yet, visa is expiring this sep , have to file extension. 1. do i have to tell my employer 2. any problem in Extension , do i have travel to india for stamping before extension or before september after my extension.
1. You do not need to disclose the information to your employer unless the forms specifically asks for information...
Can I sue a law firm and/or the North Carolina DMV for negligence, financial loss and mental anguish?
I was convicted of DUI august 30th of 2015 and had a BAC of .18 and was required by the judge to get the ignition interlock system put on my car for one year. This was also the requirement for me to get my limited driving privilege. I did as i was asked and met all the requires. I had the interlock in my car until 12/06/16 as the DMV requested. On February 26 or 27 of 2017 I received a phone call from the DMV (Tina Raynor) That there was a mistake made and the privilege i was given did not require me to have interlock on my car and that I still owed the DMV time. I stated I have an issued license stating I could have the devices removed on 12/06/2016. She said this was an error by the DMV and based on the privilege signed in court I did not have to have the ignition interlock for the time of my privilege. I have now had to put the interlock back on my car for another 7 months even though I already did the one year I was required due to a clerical error by my lawyer and the DMV.
If your lawyer violated the standard of care in representing you then you could possibly sue him or her for malpractice....
Can I be eligible to become a citizen with dui
I was charged with .19 dui and this is my first time so far since I have been in United States almost 3 yrs to be precise. Please i need an advice, can It be pleaded as wet reckless since it's My first offense.... Thanks
1 no such charge as DUI in NC. Here it's DWI (driving while impaired) 2 No such plea or crime as "wet reckless" in NC....