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Im on felony probation and just got my first offense dwi can they revoke me
Wondering if I can get revoked on misdemeanor
If a condition of your probation was no further criminal conduct, then yes. Check the terms of your probation and seek...
Can I be charged by a employer for my drug test. The drug test came back clean.but I quit job after week and a half
Drug testing
Your employer can charge you and you not pay all depends on the employee and employer relationship.
GGot sent home five days for a false positive do they have to pay me my wages for there misstake?
Had a random failed for methidoin and tca I told them I do not do drugs got sent home for five days they called me back when they did more test and found out it was over the counter unisom sleep meds that made the falsepositive I missed a lot of work for there miss take got treated like a drug head and hauled out the plant are they suppose to pay me for my time missed? Because they told me no
No. Being part of the court system means you will have to bear the mistakes that will likely happen.
Do I have a case for restitution of damages for false positive drug test?
I was a resident in a sober living house and was given a 12 panel drug test. I tested positive for 2 drugs I had not taken in many months. I disputed the results asking for a confirmation test. The house refused to confirm the test and expelled me and called my employer having me terminated. The drug test was at 10:30 am. I rushed to ER explaining what happened and they agreed to retest and send for confirmation test. I was viewed during my retest at hospital and I tested positive again but the hospital then sent it to a lab and it was confirmed as a false positive due to an over-the-counter drug. Can I sue for my job loss, home loss, damage to reputation, pain and suffering?
Not likely to be able to sue for a job loss since in most states you are an at will employee and can be terminated...
How do I make this go away or get around this I paid my dept to sociaty ?
I got my actual 3rd dui over 10 years ago charged me with a felony judge gave me 5 years D.o.c time suspended all but 30 days in jail 30 days in rehab done 2 years house arrest an 3 years paper paid all fines and probation was released from probation probably 6 to 8 years later went to get license they told me I have to put interlock in my vehicle plus pay 1100 dollar reinstate fee I have not been on paper for over 10 years How do I make this go away
Talk to a lawyer in LA that deals with DUI cases. Be prepared for bad news. In most states there is very little...
What can I do?
Got poisened at work, someone put cleaning chemicals in my bottled water in the refrigerator at work, I swallowed it, irritated my throat and stomach, still feeling the after effects from it. Went to Emergency Room, they said I had to take a drug test, or I would be fired, I was honest that they may find Mariquana, they did, HR fired me, I take full responsibility for failing the test, but is there something we can do about my pain and suffering, I could have or could die from it?
This isn't really a DUI question, but if you could prove that someone really did put cleaning chemicals in your water,...
How is this a fair ruling?
My ex accused me of having a drug and alcohol problem. I've never done drugs, and I rarely drink alcohol. At most, I'll drink a glass of wine, or a beer, when I'm out with friends. I have absolutely no record of abusing drugs or alcohol. But the judge ruled that I get a 10 panel hair follicle and urine test, a PETH test, a SASSI test, and a medical/psychological evaluation (all at my cost)... Before I go back to court. I'm not one to disrespect a judge and question their rulings. But this just doesn't seem fair at all. Part of me wants to fight it because it feels like that's not fair or right. But the other part says to just do it and get it over with, so my case moves along faster. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You do not mention why you are in court. From the fact that it involves your ex and allegations of substance abuse, it...