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DUI but not pulled over?
I was arrested for a DUI (1st time for me) while I was outside of my car but was followed for a brief period. I failed the breathalyzer but had also just thrown up right before the test, which I've read would alter the test. In addition, my Miranda Rights were never given to me, my car was never looked at and my friends were not interviewed. Do I have a shot of getting this dismissed?
People frequently ask about getting a case dismissed without giving anywhere near the facts that we need to provide an...
Can I be accused of rape when I was intoxicated?
So I was intoxicated over at another person's house but they were intoxicated too but they started to fall unconscious and I didn't realize they were until a bit afterwards so I stopped but I didn't have sex with them. They found specimen inside of them though. Idk what to do bc I wasn't thinking bout it bc I was impaired from the drugs. I didn't have intentions in having sex either before I arrived there sober. I just went over to party with them, nothing more. I never committed a crime before this either and I'm young with a good background. And I already have the love of my life. I'm starting to develop mental problems bc of this and me thinking bout my future. What can I do and will the prosecutor go through with it?
I would not post anything else on any public forums and immediately hire an attorney or ask for a public defender.
I signed a contract while intoxicated.
Is this contract binding? A sales rep for a security company took advantage of my will I was intoxicated and even had drinks with me on 2 separate occasions. I was not properly informed what I was getting too and lied to my wife saying installation was free. Not the case, Since I didn't cancel within 3 days which bidden me to a 5 year contract, which I was not aware of due to my condition. The company is AMP Securities if you want to look up other complains with the BBB.
You should consult with an Indiana Business Attorney to discuss your situation. Your assertion of a lack of capacity...
Will I be included as a named defendant should my husband get a DUI, be involved in an accident while intoxicated?
My husband is 70 years old and insists on drinking with a buddy and then driving his car. I do not want to lose everything I own should he be involved in a serious accident or get a DUI. In the state of Indiana I know driving while intoxicated is a serious crime. Please tell me worse case scenario so I can let him know what he is doing.
You will not be a defendant in his DUI case unless you do something to cause him to drive drunk, and even then it is...
How do I reinstate my Illinois license if I live in Indiana?
I got a OWI in Indiana, they suspended my license for 3 months but I got a letter from security of state Illinois saying that it's revoked.
You have to go through the process of reinstatement through the Illinois Secretary of State. Only once that is done...
What do I do about my OWI charges in Indiana if I live in Florida?
I was arrested in August of 2014 for 4 charges driving while intoxicated, endangering a person, driving without a license and illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage. I did not receive the Summons to appear in court and the criminal case detail shows "left on door" so they issued a bench warrant. I live in Florida now so what do I do and what are my options? Thanks!
Before you are arrested on the warrant (and to stop having to look over your shoulder every single day until this is...
I refused the breathalizer and it took some time to get a warrant.The test was also in my name meaning i have a bill
I refused the breathalizer and my took me to the hospital to get blood.It took some time to get the warrant and i think it was time sensetive because the officer kept asking the nurse to hurry up.The police did not have a account with the hospital so they put the test in my name.Would that be a hipaa violation and the test could not be used against me.
Great questions to ask your Criminal Defense Attorney on your case after reviewing all the facts and evidence. But...