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Can I still be charged for a DUI
I was in an accident avoided a car that came in my lane and I Hit a Pole. I had injuries. The State Trooper asked me to take a Breathelyzer and I did. Didn't get the reading, but wasn't sited, not ticketed, and he gave my license back. I still haven't got the Crash report. I was taken to the hospital and they Drew blood per the request of the State Trooper. Can I still be charged. I had 2 10 years ago but no on record. I also had been taking cough medicine as I didn't drink but 1 can he still charge me if he didn't arrest me and ticket me. I still have my license
There are a couple of questions you need to answer. How long ago was the accident? Did the officer say anything to...
How can I shorten my license suspension in Indiana if it's not a DUI?
I'm not fully sure if this even involves attorneys. I failed to turn in my sr-22 on time. Since I did not provide my proof of financial responsibility on time, my license was suspended for 4 months. If my insurance company pays that fee and hands in my sr-22, will my suspension be lifted or will I still have to wait the full 4 months?
If your carrier provides proof of insurance for the appropriate time frame the suspension will end.
Can I get my court case thrown out for DUI for improper blood draw?
Was pulled over for a DUI took a breathalyzer Blewe. 14. . Arestting officer took me to the hospital to do a blood draw. The hospital took the blood in the lobby with a tech who was in training. I was her first blood draw. Can I get the case thrown out ? I believe they didn't follow the chain of custody
The short answer is probably not. You took a breathalyzer and blew a .14. Unless there were issues related to probable...
What is the minimum and maximum sentence for 'operating a vehicle after being adjudged an HTO' (with a 10yr suspension)?
In Oct 2016, my license was suspended for 10yrs and I was given an HTO status. In Feb 2017, I was caught driving AGAIN and charged with 'operating a vehicle after being adjudged an HTO', which is a level 6 Felony. I was wondering what the minimum, maximum, and most common sentence that charge carries.
You are facing 6 months to 2.5 years (30 months) and an additional license suspension. There is no way to predict where...
I have 3 old DUI'S! If i move to the state of Texas will they be no good in that state? They are 20 years old, and not a felon e
I got 3 dui's 2 in indiana 1 in california. They are 20 years old. Not a felon either!
You should repost this as a question for Texas attorneys who might be able to answer share their insight. Or use the...
What is an amended petition for a probation violation?
I've been out of prison for a year on conspiracy to manufacture. I failed a drug screen in Oct. 2016. I was released from jail on Dec. 5 2016. I just had another test sent to lab. the test was negative In office but urine was too clear. It came back positive.
The allegation is you violated probation so a petition to revoke your probation was filed. They have amended that...
Had a blood draw done for a DUI in the lobby of the hospital by a tech in training. I believe that is in proper chain of custody
Got into an accident while under the influence of alcohol, was given a breathalyzer and blew a .14 .. the arresting officer then took me to the hospital to have a blood draw. The blood draw was taken by a tech in training in the lobby of the hospital. I find that hard to believe that is proper procedure. Can this be a way to throw those results out of court? Would my case get thrown out of court?
Who took the blood is irrelevant to chain of custody, as long it is documented adequately to satisfy the court that the...