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Charged with DUI: Charges dismissed after 6 months of interlock. BMV implications?
Hi I was charged with a DUI which, after various court dates, was found to have 'no prosecutorial merit'. As a condition of the charge being dismissed, I was ordered to have an interlock system installed for 6 months, which after successful completion of, the charge would be dropped. My question is this: will the BMV continue to show a failed test and/or installed interlock system once the case is dismissed or can that be removed from my record? My company pulls MVR's based on state driving records and they hope that I will have a 'clean' record by the time this is all taken care of. Thanks
In most states, criminal actions and licensing actions are separate. Contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.
Charged with dwi
plea agreement is one year supervised probation, but still has to go to court before he could sign the plea bargain does that mean the jutge could still take his licence and set stifer penalties
always possible for a judge to not follow a plea agreement, but it is also unusual.
Dui to Reckless driving and possibility of jail
I had 0.12 percent of alcohol and had been pulled over last night . What are the chances of converting it into reckless driving and will i be in jail ? This is my first offense
Each county in Indiana is different in how they handle OVWI's. I don't know about Vigo but they never reduce to...
Is an incomplete police report enough for a motion to suppress in a DUI case?
15 MINUTES had passed since my gf and I were parked at the local golf course maintenance area before authorities arrived on scene, due to an anonymous caller about a woman walking down the road, who was picked up, and then parked on golf course property. Authorities asked what we were doing, I told them just talking, they asked if we had permission to be parked there. I told them I knew the owner. Within minutes owner arrived, confirmed he was the owner and that I always have permission to be on site. He was told to step aside so they can finish questioning. He stayed to witness the entire scene. Police report does not mention ANYTHING about the owner of property. They went on to question us and eventually fished out enough probable cause to proceed with a DUI stop.
The report doesn't mean near as much (if anything) compared to whether or not they can testify to facts establishing...
What to do about home detention?
I received an owi in July. I served 10 days and have 1 year probation and 90 days home detention to serve. It was not in my home county and normally they don't transfer misdemeanors here. They did allow my to transfer, but contact with the woman here seems like she didn't want to mess with it. Communication is nearly impossible. 4 months later and I'm still not hooked up. I have the phone line installed and money order to pay in full. I'm nervous it's going to cause me more trouble.
Not enough information provided. You should call a local IN Avvo attorney to review your case.
I live in Indiana and have received a ten year suspension (HTV). Just got arrested for driving are there minimum jail terms?
My HTV is due to three DUIs in ten years and has be in place for about four years now.
There's no minimum time the way there is for repeat DUI's. You're facing a Level 6 felony with a sentence ranging from...
I need to have Dui record expunged in Oklahoma, I Live in Indiana I have a hold on my IN license from Oklahoma what can i do?
I took my Driver License test yesterday for the State of IN and was told OK has hold on Lic, I contacted OK and was told Lic suspend in 2005 for Dui record they want $1500 Plus interlock device on car. They will not accept payment arrangements and I have 30 days from yesterday to have to issue resolve in order to receive my Indiana Lic.
You would need to contact an attorney in OK to resolve issues in OK. As you have discovered, the states share DL...