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  • Crime Report: Fleeing to the Pentagon Is a Bad Idea ...

    Nov 8, 2017 | via 

    A robbery suspect took an ill-fated getaway route onto the grounds of the Pentagon last Thursday afternoon, according to this week's Arlington County Police Department crime report. The 26-year-old Maryland man had allegedly stolen items from a store in the Pentagon City mall and pushed away two security guards during his getaway.


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Suitland Law

Can a DUI/DWI be expunged off my driving record in Maryland? I have a PBJ DUI from2010 and a NOLLE PROSEQUI DUI from 2014
I understand that in the state of Maryland, a DUI/DWI cannot be expunged off your criminal or court records. My question is, can it be expunged off your driving record? I have a DUI PBJ from 2010 and I also have a DUI NOLLE PROSEQUI from 2014.
The PBJ cannot be expunged., but the nolle prossequi can assuming all charges were dropped. Maryland law prohibits a...
A parole violation with a $200,000 bond. What happens next? Also Dui court date pending in another state. Will that affect the v
Dui court date pending in another state.
If it is a parole violation, there will be a process set in motion to have a parole revocation hearing before the...
How is it if my cdl is suspended and I'm driving a regular car and get pulled over and refuse to blow am I subject to cdl rule ?
I was pulled over in my personal car and didn't consent to breathalyzer test.
Yes, a refusal can lead to a CDL suspension and also a conviction or PBJ for driving under the influence can lead to a...
What are the most common outcomes of a first time DUI/DWI in the state of Maryland?
I have been charged with a DUI and DWI, it is my first time offense and besides this charge I have a clean record. I can not afford a lawyer so I will be representing myself. I just wanted to know what to expect or any actions I can take to get a lesser sentence.
If you cannot afford a private attorney, contact the Public Defender at least 10 business days before the court date....
If I already received a probation before judgement can I petition the court to reduce my charge to driving while impaired?
I received a probation before judgement and didn't know my cdl was suspended
If you already accepted probation before judgment, you gave up your right to appeal (which had to be filed within 30...
How long does the cdl administration have before they have to let you know that your license is suspended?
I got a dui in april 2016 went to court on September 1 2016 and was never informed that my cdl was suspended
The MVA sends out a suspension letter and gives you a short period of time to request a hearing to fight the suspension....
I have a bench warrant and don't want to spend a night in jail but can pay the fine is possible
I was driving with a suspended license that I didn't know was suspended at the time I got a trial date but I stay with my girlfriend most of the time so I didn't get the letter in time so I missed court date and got a "bench warrant for my arrest for failing to appear to court while driving on a suspended license." I want to turn myself in but I'd rather not have a jail record or even go for that matter.
You have a few options which can best be discussed with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Good luck.