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If I was already in custody and got release and go back to court on the court date assigned on my ticket will I go back to jail?
I was driving home and got a pulled over by Suisun police for my second DUI in 10 years
It is highly unlikely that you will be placed back into custody if you show up on your court date. Hire an experienced...
In 1984, in Calif , DUI stayed on record for 5 yrs. It changed again in 1989 to 7 yrs, and again to 10 yrs and now its' forever
Is this true? and if so, are you held to the pre 1985 law of 7 yrs or the newer law of it staying on your record forever.
A DUI will stay on your record forever but the look-back period for mandatory enhancement is 10 years.
Will a DUI show in my FBI criminal background check after is been expunge it?
I had a DUI 10 years ago, and after almost 5 I requested to the court to be removed, and the judge grated the expungement. However, I got a criminal background check and it was still showing since the state did not take action. I submitted the request to the state to removed the record to get a job abroad, but I was told that the record will still appear in the FBI CBC. Is this true?
California does not offer true "expungement" in the sense of deletion or erasure of a conviction. The expungement...
Can I get out of an underaged dui? My tire blew out on the freeway causing me to spin out. Bad luck with alcohol in my system
I was in a bad luck situation where I was driving down the freeway and my tire blew out on me causing me to slam into the wall. I was in the car with two people we are all okay. They pulled me aside to check me out and lucky for me I had a staggered 5 beers and hour and a half prior to the accident so although the accident wasn't caused due to having alcohol in my system. They charged me with a dui. Is there anyway I could get a good plea out of this. Had the tire not blown out I would've made it home, but I just need help above all it was my brothers car. I'm a student and need this advice thank you so much.
I imagine they took your drivers license and gave you a piece of paper that is a temporary one. Within 10 days of the...
What will be the penalties/fines?
I recently got a DUI infraction. I am a full time college student with a part time job who doesn't have much money and I'm stressed I won't be able to pay the fines. What kind of cost am I lookin at? Or any other penalties? I know I've lost my license.
You have much more to lose than money. Do yourself a favor, quit focusing on the amount of the fine and spend some...
Chances of getting a critical needs license?
I'm 20 years old and just got a dui infraction. I'm a full time college student with a part time job. I live with a single parent who works night shifts. My college is 16 miles away and I have morning classes making my parent unable to take me to my classes which start at 8am and 9am.
I'm moving your question to the DUI practice area. You should receive a better response.
Custody case involving a dui
I got 2 dui charges before my daughter was born..over 11 years ago. I have had full custody of her since she was 18 months old her mom keeps trying to take it back to court to get custody of her the judge ruled a year ago a final final judgement stating she could not file again unless she had prove of substantial change in circumstance. I got a dui back at the beginning of this year no kids present with me at the time. Can she take it back to court on this basis even though my others were 11 yrs ago? And can i lose custody if no other circumstances are present?
In light of the DUI that you were popped for at the beginning of 2017, the opposing party may try to fill out, file...