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Im on probation and i was driving on suspended license... Am I going back to jail or prison??
I'm a car dealer in Arkansas. Yes my drivers license are suspended. Me n my business parter got a motorcycle at the car auction two hours away from home! I knew my license was suspended, but we needed to get the bike home and he didn't know how to drive it. So he was going to follow me home. About 15 mins. From home, the state police noticed I didnt have any tags. So he hit the blue lights!! I was driving on suspended license plus no motorcycle endorsement!! Now the question is..... Did I revoke my probation? What's going to happen?? I'm super nerves!!!
The answer to your question depends in part on the reason your license was suspended in the first place. Most states...
I got pulled over while driving a motorcycle. While on probation!! Did I revoke my probation???
I got pulled over while driving a motorcycle. I'm on probation and my license are suspended! Plus No motor cycle indorcment. I'm a car dealer. I just got the bike at an auction. What pull over for no tags. Had my dealer tags thou. I don't know what to do. I have to report to the probation office first thing Monday morning!! What's going to happen???
Be sure to report your police contact to the probation officer within the time outlined in your order. There is a...
How do yo beat driving on a suspended license with it being your 5th time
I have four kids and has been told he would lock me up and told me to look for a baby sitter or my kids would be put in DHS
You don't just "beat it," or lawyers like me wouldn't have a job. You hire a lawyer who is good at their job and you...
Do I have a void case against the drug Suboxone?
My daughter was given Suboxone for almost 2 years to help with an addiction to hydrocodone. She was trying to get off the drug, She died in a traffic car accident from a seizure. She was only taken Suboxone. She was 26 years of age. She left behind two children, ages 2 and 8 months old. I am just now able to begin researching this case. I believe this drug has caused many deaths.
Consult with a personal injury lawyer who will after reviewing all the facts, evidence and medical record. sorry for...
What can happen to a minor if him/her are caught selling fake drugs
i was caught selling fake drugs i am 13 and i am being questioned tomorrow
Don't answer any questions! Let me say that again! DON'T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS! This is the same advice I would give...
Will my boyfriend be drug tested at his arraignment? Will the no contact order be removed? Will he have jail time for sure?
My bf was arrested for terroristic threatening against me. I personally did not hear him say such thing but the police have it on recording. He was put out on bond and the bond states that he must not use drugs or have any contact with me. His court date is the 19 of December. Will he be drug tested? I signed an affidavit stating that I never heard my bf threaten me and that I don't want him charged. Will my affidavit be used at all?
The court date on 12/19/16, his arraignment, is for your boyfriend to enter his plea to the charge, either "guilty" or "...
International student (F1) recently arrested and charged with DUI in Arkansas. First time offender. BAC 0.144. Pls advice
This happened in Russellville, Arkansas. I have been to a small pub here last friday with friends and had some drinks. I don't usually drive when I'm drunk and I have a clean record until this. We needed to get cigarettes and as rest of my friends are way more drunk than me, I decided to drive my friends car to get them from a gas station near by. I wasn't aware that the car's number plate light was not working. I got pulled over due to that reason and cop got a doubt that I may be drunk as he said he saw me coming out of the pub(They were parked just outside). I blew, it turned positive and I failed the tests as well. I got arrested and spent that night in the jail as they said that I can only go home when I'm sober. I was driving completely fine and even the cop told me that it's just a misdemeanor and not a felony. He told me that I did nothing wrong apart from driving intoxicated(Which is wrong I know). I have paid the entire bondage of $1470 the next morning before I came out and was given a court date. They mentioned it as 1st DUI on the letter. I wanted to make sure if it's gonna effect my status here, even they told me that it's fine. Please help
You need a lawyer, and now. There are all kinds of legal issues you will have to face now. Use this web site to find...