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When a blood test for BAC is taken for a DUI charge, do they test for other substances?
My job will be ok with alcohol, but if other items are listed in the report in case of a guilty charge or no contest that would be bad. If convicted of the DUI how much detail is provided on it or does it just state convicted of a DUI?
You're asking two questions here. First, if law enforcement suspected you if only being under the influence of alcohol,...
For first time dui offense in south Dakota, what will Colorado do with my license?
I was pulled over for driving 55 on a highway of 65 mph limit and starting into a construction site. I was charged with DUI in the end. I believe I blew .119. my drivers license is registered in Colorado, where I am a resident. I am wondering what might happen to my license or case?
You may want to post this in the Colorado forum as well so you get an answer to your license questions. You should...
Can you use your suspended imposition on a second DUI (the first was 8 years ago) and have it include other charges incurred?
2nd dui, open container and a reckless driving charge . Will a suspended imposition include all charges or should I just use it for the dui?
If you were previously convicted of a felony, you are not eligible for a suspended imposition. In South Dakota, a DUI...
Can I get my DUI dropped if I was sober but had marijuana in my system from the night before? ?
I was coming home from my girlfriends house and was really tired from working all day and I happens to be swerving a tad. I was pulled over and the officer assumed I was high when I wasn't. He did tests and I guess I failed a few but I know I was 100% sober. So I was then later arrested and they did blood and urine tests which I know is going to come back positive. I was just wondering how I can get the DUI dropped cause I know I was sober at the time. The cop didn't find anything in my car that related to marijuana at al and I blew zeros twice. So I'm just wondering how I can get a DUI from that. Thank you for reading my into my situation.
Whether charges get reduced or dismissed is typically up to the prosecutor. You absolutely need an attorney to...
Should I take my dui case to trial considering my circumstances?
I was told I took a klonopin, later that day I got pulled over and I failed my soberiety tests (not the breathalyzer I don't drink) i told the cop I had taken a klonopin he took me to jail for a dui. The next day I got out and I found out it wasn't a klonopin that I took, it wasn't a prescription drug. My blood tests came back clean but I am still getting charged with a dui. They offered me a plea of 180 days 160 suspended but I don't want to take it I don't want this on my record period. I DO have a record and I am on parole if that changes anything.
You need an attorney if you don’t already have one. An attorney can analyze your case entirely of your options. You...
What's the difference between a wet reckless and a DUI? Should I try for this as a plea deal?
I'm not sure if SD allows wet reckless, but it's my 1st DUI and I am trying very hard to get into a medical program and I would literally do months in jail if it ment getting it reduced from the DUI charge.
South Dakota doesn’t have a wet reckless, although it does have reckless driving. Sometimes the prosecution will...
What happens when son got pulled over in South Dakota for DUI and had his daughter with him?
My son lives in Washington State. He went on a road trip with his 8 year old daughter to Missouri. ON his way back home, he got stopped in Pennington County South Dakota. They took him to Jail and DFS took his daughter. Will there be a charge on him driving with his child? I am the grandparent and I live in Florida
Likely, yes. Depending upon the circumstances, he could be charged with felony child abuse, or just a misdemeanor one....