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my friend and i were at a friends apartment and when we were leaving the cops pulled in front of our car.. the cops were called because there was a fight outside. they made all of us get out of the car. everyone blew but me. i kept repeating my rights "im 15, you need my mom here to even talk to me or give me the test". They said they knew i was drunk cause my eyes were bloodshot. When my mom picked me up and they asked if she wanted me to be breathalyzer and, she said nothing and we walked out. this is my first charge.. should i fight it.. if so how? and my court dates today so answer asap will be most helpful
Ask for more time to consult with an attorney.
I am a borderline diabetic type II with an alleged very high (1.6) BAC I also have a host of other medical problems, and am on several different medications. Had two beers approximately 4 hrs before being stopped, arrested, and forced to take a blood test. I hadn't eaten that day, nor had I taken any meds (have to eat, then take meds). Had to make a 15 mile trip to go to the store for food, and didn't take them because some of it makes me drowsy. I'm beside myself as I know I wasn't drunk. How could my BAC be that high?
The answer to most questions like this is simply: "Maybe, I don't know, I need more information." Broad answers...
Ex husband has no license due to DWI's. He went into a ditch and left his truck. It was impounded. Went to pick it up and when asked who was driving, he pointed the finger at son and said he was. Son was taken aside and made up a story because he doesn't want his dad to go to jail. Son is realizing now that he may lose his DL. How can my son tell the court that he lied for his dad without getting into deeper water? My son wants his dad to get some help with his drinking, but dad gets mad at son when it get brought up. Dad has a violent history-shot and killed 2 of my 3 horses 20 years back because he was mad.
You did not mention your son's age. If your son is 18 or over he needs to consult with an experienced criminal defense...
my husbend has 10 prior DUI/OWIL charges ranging from 1999-2011 and now was in the process of going to court on a DUI from 2011 then he was picked up a day before his pre-trial on the prior case and is now charged with a 11th DUI which resulted in him missing his pre-trial date, only this time he was charged with a carring a weapon, I am unsure of any bullets being in the gun but I do know he is a felon already for the 3rd time for the DUI/OWIL charges in the past....what type of time is he facing?
More than likely he is facing felony DUI charges and a felony for carrying a concealed weapon, both of which carry...
My roommate was recently charged with her second DUI. Her sentence is 45 days w/ no license, then restricted w/ interlocker, and sobriety court w/ 2 years probation. Because of her probation, I am not allowed to have alcohol where I pay to live, I can't have a fire where alcohol is involved. I feel like the law is infringing on my rights even though I've done nothing wrong. I've heard several opinions, some say i can have it in my room (why bother?), others say that common area is fine as long as there is nothing in her room because that is the only area she controls. I just want to know if the law is overstepping and if I can argue for my rights. I'm 24 years old and according to the law, can't have a beer with my dinner at the dining room table.
It does not impact you whatsoever. You have no court order against you regarding alcohol or anything else. Your...
I am considering taking a plea on my 3rd Owi to an owi 2nd. My attorney is supposed to get back to me by Friday, I am just anxious and I found this site. Can anyone tell me what the probation and license restrictions would be if I pled to an OWI 2nd? Jail time? These are the only criminal charges I have faced....meaning the owi's.
This is a question that will be best answered by your attorney because that person has or should have your unique...
So it was 6 in morning was getting a ride in my car, driver pulled over and left, I got out and sat in front seat with girlfriend...middle of winter in U.P. of was cold!!! I left car on and passed out...woke up to cops and EMS making me do tests and stuff...told them I wasn't even driving but charged me wit DUI 2nd. They offered to drop the Driving while License Suspended for a plea to 2nd DUI...horrible deal...Trial is may 13th and I heard there was some kind of shelter laws for situations like this? Seriously thinking trial, have gone before not my first rodeo...I'm thinking about going to rehab to maybe offset some jail time I might be given if I lose and to fulfill some of the rehabilitation requirements...Please I need some advice about this situation...THANKS A LOT!
Rehab is a good idea. Get the best DUI attorney that you can afford. May 13 is just around the corner. It will take...