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My main reason is I'm deathly afraid of needles. But if I was told it would have been 1 yr mandatory I would have taken it. The officer only said I would lose my license, to which I replied I'm going to anyway. Another reason I refused I personally knew the woman drawing the blood and when asked to sign a paper, I refused because I didn't have my reading glasses. I also believed I was targeted by this officer because of a very large dent in my back rear bumper and no hub cap due to getting rear-ended a year ago. Oh and I did take the breathalyzer for which he told me I failed. I didn't know it was mandatory to take a blood test.
If the officer failed to tell you the length of the suspwnsion would be at least a year, that might arguably be a...
What is done with cases where an issue occured in a remote county and one resides in another county and has no where to stay In terms of community service and driving school? Will this be addressed at the CRN which is scheduled in the remote county? Do they tell you on the date of the CRN how much community service and if you can do it in the county in which you reside?
By "issue" I gather you really mean a DUI charge. In my part of the state, nearly all of the obligations of a DUI...
just curious cause if you had garbage in there or we're taking cans to a recycling center.
If the beer cans are empty and there is no evidence that you have been drinking an alcoholic beverage then you have not...
Such as walking out after a party, a bar, or a pizza BYOB establishment. Not feeling comfortable to drive, so you wait it off parked in the comfort of your vehicle to keep from freezing, roasting or whatever. An hour later a Cop shows up and sees your impaired. Duh! All the PENNDOT driver manual says to do is "don't drive" (which means to me "being responsible" and "law abiding"). Would that be a ledgit ticket? Especially if proven you didn't arrive there that way or move from the private property. Private property, as I understand it, is a private residence or a establishment who's parking lot is restricted for employees and customers. The "per se"law is confusing, as someone could be sitting on a bench next to their vehicle, with their keys in their pocket. They still have control!
The statute and case law is very specific about driving and or controlling the movement of motor vehicles on roadways....
attorneys said getting it squashed conditions would mean i could never return to pa or the charges could be brought back up. is this all true?
No. Charges never just go away for paying a fee.
the warrant is 10 months old.
There is none. If a warrant was issued, it is because you failed to appear. A defendant cannot take advantage of any...
Received a DUI in PA while on probation for another in the same state. I do not have an attorney yet. How much jail time am I facing? I plan on going to rehab or outpatient ASAP.
The sentence for a DUI depends on three factors: 1) BAC, 2) Prior DUI, and 3) Prior Record. If this is your second...