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Went to a hearing officer, provided evidence that was default machine not working... 3 weeks later the RMV wants me to come back in .. Is this a good thing?
It is never a good thing to go back, hire an attorney.
Pending case is May, however now thinking about pushing out so he is not denied entry. Looking at Canadian border rules thinking he should just try and get temp visa, but unsure if he can get by June. If this is not even in the border system maybe he will not get denied .Looking for info. Fyi first offense, was visiting daughter at VT who was meeting him to drive him across the street to hotel. Someone called and cops pulled up behind as soon as he started car to warm-up, cuffed him and took him away with college daughter just arriving to drive him. Phone records show this, He is not a drunk and great father, would have been nice if Front desk clerk would have asked if he was all set before calling cops after he walked out. He did not even drive. Group of us going to do a triathlon.
As a criminal defense attorney working in a firm that practices in both Maryland and Virginia, I think you need to...
in 2008 I moved out of Forida. I got a dwi in New Hampshire in 2009. I was a resident of New Hampshire but didn't change over my licences. now years later I've fixed both states to get my license back. told I have to now reinstate my Fl, license first. Yet they know I'm a resident of New Hampshire for 5 years now. I'm eligible to Drive in NEW HAMPSHIRE & in Florida I've done everything as well. but they say only if I reinstate fl first that I won't get my new Hampshire license. my questions are basically how can I reinstate a license when they won't send me a Florida id when I do it . because they know I'm not a fl resident. so id be reinstating my license in Florida yet not getting the license id card. and then I still have to get reinstated in NH , which I never even Had a NH license
You had a FL driver's license when you were convicted of DWI in NH. Therefore, your driver's license in FL must be...
I have a prior DWI in NH in 2006. I just got my license back last year with a 5 year probation attached. I dont know what the means.
A DWI subsequent offense is serious. You should retain an attorney right away. Regarding a probationary license,...
Foolishly I never got my NH license when I moved here. I thought that it was ok to just wait for my MA to expire and then switch over to NH. I can prove that I have lived in NH for the last 4 years. Will I have to serve the MA suspension even though I live in NH? It seems to me that I am paying twice for the same crime. Is there a way to resolve this? I have completed all the steps NH requires to reinstate my license.
I think you may have asked about this situation earlier this week. The short answer is that you will likely have to...
She had been drinking. Blew a .10 at the police station. They never read her her miranda rights either. She was asleep in the car at the time when the cops knocked on the window and woke her up.
Yes, it is legal. No, they are not required to read Miranda warnings unless they intended to question her while she...
She was embarrassed and tired to handle the situation with out an attorney. Knowing that she was legally impaired does it make sense for her to appear in court and make decisions that impact her for the rest of her life. Shouldn't the legal system protect against this?
Apparently they believe in swift justice in the Granite State. How do you know she was still impaired when she...