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Can someone that 3 DUI and never paid fines and still going to court. Can leave to Nevada for the weekend
Can someone leave to Vegas Nevada if they have 3 DUI and still going to court???
There is no statute against it per se. However, that person needs to examine the conditions of his probation or his...
I was ordered to pay restitution for a dui in 2004 I finished my parole and my charges were dismissed now they garnish my wages
my question to you is, is There a statue of limitations
Ten years from the date when the court entered the restitution order. This period can be extended.
Is it against the law to have a concealed weapons permit while you are on probation for a DUI.
They have denied me twice the first time Because i "had no reason" and the last time they simply told me it was because I was on probation and to come back when I'm off. I live in Kings County California
It's not a matter of it being against the law. Unfortunately, each law enforcement agency has their own rules...
I went for a job and was turned away because I was told I had a felony in 2010. I feel this is discrimination. I had DUI in 2010
I had DUI 2010 with injury to the passenger. All was settled out of court and has been completed except for me finishing paying the fine--due to the fact I cannot find a job.
You have been discriminated against, and it is probably legal. Injury by DUI is a felony in Wisconsin and I suspect in...
If I was a passenger not on probation and nearly falling asleep, why was I asked to do a field sobriety test then forced drug te
I was given a paper stating, if I do not submit urine a sample will be forcefully taken. I was not even under the influence at the time, but i tested dirty because meth stays in your system for several days. When i asked my public pretender, he shrugged and briefly responded "its legal" all while indirectly dealing with about 8 clients including myself with similar charges. I feel my civil rights were violated, so the cops can drug test ANYONE? Just by saying he/she looked "high", "drunk"
the circumstances of your case are unclear really need more information as to how the police contact went and what led...
What am I looking with a DUI where my blood came up at .20 BAC in Hanford, Ca?
I have not gone to court yet but I got a DUI where my blood was .20 BAC. I am active duty and went to captains mast where they took money away and I did some extra duty. I also took it upon myself to attend a driver improvement course and also an IMPACT class (alcohol), and attend personal counseling. I also plan on doing a few AA meetings. I am trying to work on getting my restricted license but I am waiting on my official driving record to submit for my alcohol classes I know I will be required to take. My biggest concern the police report states I was on my way back from dropping my 11year old off from school which was quite a few hours before. She was not in the car with me when I got pulled over. Besides hiring a lawyer as I can't afford one what am I looking at (advice?)
Being .20 or more adds more conditions, see if the charges can be dropped to a lower level. If you have an 11 year old,...
Husband's DUI # ?
My husband has gotten his 2nd DUI...well technically it's #4 total, but his first 2 were over 10 years ago. The 3rd, which was 2 years ago, was treated as a 1st offense. I know we definitely need a lawyer because we have 2 special needs children and can't chance him having jail time. What kind of conviction can we expect with his history of DUIs?
The law states not less than 90 days in jail nor more than one year and a fine of not less than three hundred ninety...