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DWI on Tramadol?
I hear mixed answers in Missouri on this question. I'm getting ready to get back to work from a on the job injury and I'll be on Tramadol when I go back. I am a non-commercial D.O.T. driver. So, if I'm on extended release Tramadol and it does not mentality impact me, then am I legal to drive or is that still grounds for a dwi?
Any time a prosecutor can prove by a reasonable doubt that a driver is driving a vehicle while impaired then any drug -...
Is drunk sex legal in Missouri
I'm just making sure because I recently got accused by a person that I had sex with someone while they were drunk all we did was kiss which was initiated by her and I pushed her off. So in all honesty I'm covering my behind on this. Because even though nothing happened I just want to make sure nothing can come of this even a civil suit.
This is a more complicated question that you may realize; however, any sexual contact or intercourse performed on a...
Why after my dui case was completley dismissed do i have to do satop?
a friend an i went over to a freinds house, in my car my friend was driving. i had been drinking. Long story short, my friend left me and my car there. The police were called after guy kept saying he was gonna kick my @$$. They claimed I showed up drunk and alone. The police arrived I approached them and was immediately greeted with a breathalyzer. obviously failed it and was arrested. Later in court my DUI was completely dropped. But because I was charged with a DUI and had positive breathalyzer the DMV has it on file I was driving while intoxicated. I have to pay for a reinstatement fee, satop, interlock device, and sr22 ins. And that on my driving record.
A DWI usually results in two completely separate legal proceedings. One is criminal (you see a judge) and one is...
Can I get my charged with dwi while walking
I was stopped walking for meeting the description of someone who left the scene of an accident. My car was nowhere to be found they asked me to blow I blew 0.00. I refused a drug test after admitting to being on percocet which I'm prescribed have been for years. I was arrested for felony leaving the scene of accident. Supposidly they had a witness pull up and identify me as the driver, which the alleged accident happened at night on a dark highway and I have dark tinted windows. They held me for 24 hours (24hr hold) and released me me without charges but gave me a ticket for dwi with no court date and county has no record of ticket. Can I be charged for accident or dwi and can they suspend my license for refusing drug test. I think if they had a witness they would have charged me?
You are not charged with DWI for walking. You are charged based on the officer's belief that you were operating the...
Arrested for dui, charge was reduced to disorderly conduct, I'm worried about what I have to report to board of nursing
I was in a parking lot and bumped into a poll, arrested for dui and it was reduced to disorderly conduct. I paid the fine and that was that. Some state nursing boards ask specifically if you've been arrested or charged for dui or other traffic violations, some are less specific. I can't find a straight answer if this has to be reported to board of nursing or if it will affect me renewing my license or applying to another state. Also if employer does a criminal background check, it will show an arrest, I assume? Can anyone give me specific answers? Thanks
It is possible to find attorneys who can give legal advice specifically regarding dealing with boards of professional...
Can I get a dwi charge dropped
it happened in 2004. received a sis sentence
If you received an SIS the clerk should've entered it as having dropped it on completing your probation. If you're...
I received a dui in Missouri, went to prison, got out and moved to Illinois. why do I still need to follow Missouri stipulation?
While on probation I was charged with DWI. My probation was revoked and I went to prison. While in prison the DWI was dropped. 3 years later I was released and moved to Illinois. I went to get my Illinois drivers license under the assumption that since my DWI was dropped I should have no problem getting my IL DL. Missouri had a hold on my DL because apparently the DOR had already found me guilty basically. So I went ahead and abided by their stipulations and got the ignition interlock, did satop, and paid reinstatement fee. So I obtained my IL DL today and that brings me to 2 questions. 1.) if I had the ignition interlock removed would Missouri find out and put a hold back on my license? 2.) since I was never found guilty of the crime of DWI, how can the DOR penalize me for it? (Satop, ignition interlock, reinstatement fees..) thank you for any insight.
Because until Illinois got the OK from Mo they would not have issued you at license. At this point why does it matter?