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Is driving when taking a daily prescrip of adderall for ADHD a DUI? Without treatment u will have a distracted driver.
I'd be a distracted and dangerous driver. One could compare past driving record to now and see no wrecks or tickets in recent years. I would think distracted driving is more dangerous. It's not like 20 mg makes me high. I still suffer exhausted fatigue anyway even taking it. The dopamine affect is also to treat fibromyalgia, speaking of which, pain and fatigue can be distracting too. Very much so. That's why my doctor wouldn't let me work the hospital cause pain is very distracting.
Driving while under the influence of a prescription drug can be DUI. If your doctor understands you will drive with...
Can i get a DUI if the officer let me drive home?
I was in the drivers seat of my vehicle at a party. I had one drink earlier that night. We were boxed in by other vehicles so we were waiting for them to leave. My passenger was going to drive me home, after we had a way out of the yard we were going to switch seats. Cop rolls up asked me my name, what I had to drink, my parents names and how old I was (19). Another cop says all drivers are getting breathalyzed before they leave. My passenger was nervous because he had been smoking marijuana and I knew I wasn't impaired so I took the breathalyzer. I blew a .02 and he told me I could go and he watched me drive away. My question is.. Did I dodge a bullet? Or could I be charged with DUI or MIP? he never saw my license or registration. Never gave me a ticket or anything. The officer didn't write anything down. I was in a front yard on private property with about 40 other vehicles.
Asked and answered in the past. You almost certainly dodged a bullet, but you might still receive something later. If...
Do probation officers administer hair follicle for DUI offense?
Received my first (and last) DUI. I am doing 6 months probation, 1 visit a month. I'm told you have to pay for your drug tests if he/she (probation officer) administers one. Do probation officers "typically" administer hair follicle tests for something of this sort (as they are more expensive) or just UA? What could I expect? Thank you
They typically use a simple urinalysis reagent test.
Is it possible they will give me a citation in the mail? What will be the punishment if I do?
I was at a party last night with my friend and their were about 70-80 people there. A girl made me a drink and I decided to drink it. It was kind of strong but I drank it anyway. Their was a lot of marijuana there so we decided to leave but our truck was boxed in by other vehicles. I told my friend to drive my truck and he agreed, but out of habit I got in the drivers seat. So we are waiting for some of the cars to leave so we can get out and then the cops show up. One cop came up and said they were going to breathalyze everyone driving and just to sit tight. Then another cop came and asked me what I had to drink and I told him a cup of grape juice with a small amount of vodka a few hours ago. He then told me he was going to breathalyze me and asked what my name was, how old I was, and who my parents were. I didn't see him write anything down, but it was dark so I don't really know what he did. I blew a 0.02 and he told me I could go. He didn't breathalyze my friend. I AM INCREDIBLY PARANOID THAT I AM GOING TO GET AN UNDERAGE DRINKING TICKET IN THE MAIL. I live in Mississippi and this is my first run in with law enforcement beside getting a ticket for running a stop sign.
You are lucky in the vehicle's driver seat you did not get a DUI. It is unlikely they will mail you a ticket but...
Can I save my commercial driving license without getting suspended if I go to dui school
I got a dui with a class A license in my personal vehicle.
It is possible to keep a CDL but it really depends on a never of issues. Seek a qualified DUI lawyer who can represent...
How long will it take for me to reinstate my license after taking 4 DUI classes?
I'm from Mississippi and I got stopped in a road block. The state trooper smelled marijuana and gave me a sobriety test. I smoked before I left home but still got charged with DUI. I have to take the maesap classes but need to know how long it will be to get my DLS after those classes
If the attys on Avvo can't answer your question, consider calling a local DUI attorney for a free consultation.
Is it possible to beat this charge and prevent my license from being suspended being I have to drive 3 1/2 hours for court?
I went thru a roadblock while back home in Moss Point, Mississippi and being I didn't have my license on me at the moment I was asked to pull over so I did. One officer came to my car, I gave him my insurance papers and he immediately claimed to smell marijuana and asked if I had any drugs in the car I said no and he asked to check being I didn't have anything to hide I told him sure. He searched under the driver seat only and claimed to find a seed which was a flat out lie. 1. I don't smoke in my car period 2. I never had any drugs in my car & 3. He never let me see the so called seed. So he had another officer give me some kind of test that makes your eyes cross he did it twice and said I was ok he asked did I smoke recently and I said yes 6 hours ago being honest before he did the test. So he goes over to the 1st officer and I'm arrested for DUI. Yet even after i made it to the jail I still didnt see no seed that i know wasnt in my car even tho i had just purchased the car 3 weeks ago.The very next day I travel home to Tuscaloosa and visit my husband in prison with the drug dog checking my car with no problems what so ever as usual being I visit him every other week faithfully.
Hire counsel. Your admission may be a problem. the seed, if it existed, may be a problem. You need counsel.