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Does my daughter need to get a lawyer because a drunk driver caused a bad accident?
My daughter, 43, was hit head on by a repeat offender drunk driver who was arrested at the scene. Both cars were totalled. She was shaken up, went to the ER, and seems OK. However, he was uninsured. We found out today that she has to pay for her rental car as she doesn't have rental insurance.. I am afraid that she will end up with too little money from her insurance to buy a suitable replacement car. She is a single parent of 2 girls and barely makes ends meet. I am nervous about suggesting a lawyer. How would she pay and we know the driver has nothing to go after.
She should consult with a personal injury attorney in ME. Most initial consultations are free and attorneys will...
Should I take a breathalizer test if I am not driving?
I am 19, say I am walking home from a party after drinking,but am not noticeably intoxicated,and a cop starts questioning me about drinking. Do I have to tell them my age? If they want to breathalize me, do I have to consent? What is my overall best course of action?
Typically if an officer is merely asking you questions without "seizing" you for possible criminal activity, you are...
Getting my license back after dui
Lost my license years ago(first offense) and completed all sentencing requirements. At the time I had a NH licenses, now live in ME. I know I need my LDAC to right a letter as well as myself, but don't know who to send it to or really what my next steps would be. Any help with these problems would be huge.
Just call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles: OUI Section: 624-9000, Extension 52104 Give them your name and date of...
I have 2 oas charges with an oui and am facing a third oas now what are the penaltys in Maine?
I have 2 prior oas charges with an oui with one of them
Your question poses significant concerns for which you will need an Attorney to represent you on. The significant...
If my probation officer is ok with me traveling abroad with a felony dui to Greece , will Greece and USA allow me entrance?
It is my second dui in 10 years , I do have a valid US passport
The USA portion wouldn't be an issue, but I would check the laws concerning entrance to Greece. Canada, for example,...
I'm on probation for a criminal D.U.I. Planning trip to Greece. Need to know who and contact info in Greece for entrance.
I have a valid U.S. passport and probation officer is O.K. with it if I have a letter from Greece saying it is O.K. to enter
I would check on the Greek embassy to the US website. Perhaps they maintain a consulate in Boston, with the large Greek...
Will a civil violation for illegal possession of alcohol show up on a record?
I was caught drinking underage the other night at a college. It was my first offence of any kind and my first time even having alcohol. I was given a civil violation ticket and instructed to call a number and pay a fine or go to the court date on the ticket. The officer recommended paying the fine. My friend was with me and mentioned he wouldn't be able to become a cop now. The officer said that is not true and that this wont show up on job applications or anything. I am just curious to know how I should handle this and where it may show up in the future. Thank you.
I am curious about the "civil violation" ticket. The violation by you will not show up on a job application. It may...