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  • Ole Miss freshman Wiley arrested

    Tuesday Jul 26 | via 

    Ole Miss freshman defensive end Charles Wiley is facing a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence-simple assault Tuesday after being arrested by the Oxford Police Department. Wiley, a native of Stockbridge, Georgia, was taken into custody Monday evening and booked into the Lafayette County Detention Center.


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Stockbridge Law

My son is 16 and is being charged with a dui for being under the influence of marijuana, also he had under a ounce on him.
He has never been in any type of trouble before this. What should I do?
Hire him a lawyer immediately. The consequences will be severe if he's convicted.
I was assigned a public defender in a DUI case, and I have decided to plea, now my Public defender claims that I have to pay him
My public defender says that I have to pay him $750.00 for accepting a plea deal, I thought the purpose of having a public defender was due to the inability to pay a real lawyer. I am unemployed, almost homeless and can barely feed myself. Is this legal? do I have to pay him, in that case I should have hired a DUI lawyer to get the case dismissed considering that I was initially racially profiled.
In MI, you have to pay your court appointed fees to the court. The court in turn pays the lawyer the fees associated...
1st DUI. Limited DL was revoked due to a moving citation. Paid citation. DL suspended for 6mo. What?/Is there anything I can do?
Citation was in Forest Park. DUI was in Henry Co.
I am not sure what you mean by What? Paying a citation is usually an admission that you did it which results in...
Arrested for DUI Less Safe with a .055 BAC at the station. How should I proceed?
I began to pull out of a gas station as another car came to pull into it. We both stopped and I continued on my way. An officer then follows me down a long stretch of road and decides to pull me over. I take the field sobriety test and the intoxilyzer. The officers take time to ponder my results as they look back and forth at each other and the device. One of them asks me to agreed whether I was driving less safe. After discussing the meaning vaguely, reluctantly confirmed him and was arrested right away. I ask the officers whether or not I failed and my breath result. He said I failed and his device only measured positive or negative for alcohol. I was taken to the station where I blew a .055 and was taken to "County." I was advise to meet with the DA by someone. What should I do?
You should hire an experienced DUI attorney immediately. There is a good chance with the help of the attorney, you will...
Will my probation officer in clayton county find out about an arrest in Henry county?
I'm on Dui probation in Clayton. I got arrested in Henry co. for disorderly conduct.
Typically yes.
Dps 1205
what does the form dps1205 look like
Here's an image of one from the internet. Appears to be from a reputable source.
Can I fight this DUI charge or what can I do?
. I am 21, in GA. I was hanging with some new friends, because I had just moved to a different location, and didn't know my way around. I had about 2-3 sips or a beer, and maybe a few more sips of a mixed drink. I was driving my car. I had missed the turn, and needed to turn around. When I turned, a cop pulled me over and told me that it was an illegal U-turn. I was not aware since I was new to the area. The cop requested a field sobriety test. He then put me in hand cuffs, and said he was arresting me for DUI. There was no female present. I was taken to the police station, where he forced me to take breathalyzer, without my consent. It read- 0.051. Afterwards, the cop told me that I would receive a fee of $300. I was never "arrested" or charged. He told me I was getting a citation, and to appear for the court date. He stated that the court was for the illegal U-turn. He drove me to my friends house, and he let my friends drive my car to their house. I appeared for court and this is my first offense, other than a failure to yield in a car accident. I plead guilty, but I didn't know it was for the DUI. I have 280 days to pay $1200, 40 hrs CS, DUI school, and suspended license.
You need to hire a lawyer asap! It sounds like you entered a plea to DUI without benefit of counsel and and as such...